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Clarified messaging for service appointments New alert changed to indicator instead of count Quick Diver Reference added to training Maintenance Card updates Driver home address added to profile Confirmation message added to accident reports Driver Helpline coming soon for some users


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eFleets Mobile—The app that puts the power of Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) into the palm of your hand. Free for Enterprise Fleet Management customers and their drivers. Exceptional functionality to enhance fleet savings and simplify the everyday driving experience. Use the app to: locate fuel & maintenance shops; get roadside assistance; enter/track mileage; report accidents; receive alerts/maintenance reminders; contact information for Enterprise Fleet Management programs and support. Now – improved & better than ever!

To access your vehicle information, including the maintenance card, please make sure your fleet administrator clicks on “Mobile Access” from the driver profile screen of the customer website. You will receive an email with login information. Once the App is downloaded, you will have everything you need for your vehicle – whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Download eFleets Mobile today—and discover one more reason why EFM was named “Most Innovative Company of the Year” by American Business Awards!




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I’ve been trying for over an hour to log into this app. Keeps telling me to check my credentials. I’ve changed my password several times. Forget the app, I’ll have my team use the website.


In today’s digital age, it astounds me that a large company can’t provide an app that actually works. Sometimes I can sign in and sometimes I can’t. No apparent reason for it. When I can sign in, oftentimes I am told that I don’t have a vehicle registered even though I did the day before. If our company wasn’t using Enterprise, I would never choose them and I certainly wouldn’t try to use this app.


System never has a vehicle associated to me. I definitely would not recommend this app to anyone.


“App is disabled while vehicle is in motion” Seriously? Why does this app think it needs to parent me? I pulled into the dealership for repairs, walked into service department, had a 5 min conversation with service manager, tried to then pull up THIS app to show the “maintenance card” only to be locked out because it thinks I’m driving…..


All of my banking and brokerage apps can save my passwords via keychain, this app doesn’t do this.


Won’t even let me change my password using both methods provided. Extremely faulty app.


It would be nice if i could create a e-mail & password so i could log in


Giving app one star because app does not link to saved passwords. I do not use the app all the time so when I do have to it’s super frustrating I basically have to reset my password each time. Great that you have Touch ID but when your username and password are cleared by the app it’s useless.


1) the app disables telling me the vehicle is in motion... while I’m looking out the window at the parked vehicle 2) need to be able to filter locations based on the service I need, particularly manufacturers recalls. Even better, when the app sends a notification about a recall, it would be great if clicking on it brought me right to the scheduling screen of the nearest service center. Only a dealer can do it, and no dealers are coming up on my list 😭


I have tried to use the app on multiple occasions to keep up with my mileage and my oil change but it’s never accurate. But recently I was trying to track my car on order and it has that feature. So I made a call to my service representative through the app to discuss the delivery of my vehicle while my wife was driving but we were unable to discuss it because if you’re moving the app doesn’t work. I understand that they don’t want us driving and using the app but what if you were the passenger we were trying to get somewhere and had to pull over to the side of the road. But that’s OK because we got voicemail anyway. Probably won’t use this app again.


Continue to randomly get logged out. “Stay logged in” does not work! Having to enter personal miles every time when we don’t even use them is a pain. What next? Are we going to have to enter our VIN every time?


App is a total and complete dog. Has great potential but will not save PW or sign-in at all. It isn’t my phone but this awful app. Forget the finger-print option using iPhone.


Used to work great, now says no vehicles found and can’t add on.


It’s only been since iPhone 8...update and add Face ID support.


I downloaded as our company just switched to efleet. Every time I go to enter a vehicle it freezes and tells me I have no vehicles. Whenever I try and move the search radius, it doesn’t let me select anything farther than 5 miles. Seems the app has a good concept, but at the moment, it has terrible bugs and is NOT user friendly.


Should not have to sign on daily to input miles. Forced to use this crappy app by my work and Enterprise will not fix it!! Fix this app!!!!!


Pretty terrible app. The back button is too far up on iPhone so you have to click the upper hand corner of the screen a hundred times to get it work. Usually easier to close app and start again. App isn’t quick or intuitive and poorly optimized for iPhones.


“Keep me logged in” option does not work. This app really needs a FaceID support. App resolution and display needs to be compatible with iPhone 11 screen size.


App works well. Login terrible. Just can not get the finger print login to work. Just shuts the app down when you try to verify fingerprint login. Waste of time.


The app only has a touch ID option, when you click that the app crashes on iPhone X. Obviously does not have face ID compatibility, need to get with the times.