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• Added Second Order workflow to All Current Orders screen • Added Sales Tax Exemption workflow to Principal screen • Bug Fixes & Improvements


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The MyBusiness App is the newest resource provided by McKee Foods Corporation for our wholesale distributor customers. The MyBusiness App provides a streamlined experience for customers to order, invoice and inventory products. In addition, new features bring everything a distributor needs to manage and grow their business at the tap of a finger.



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Needs to be compatible with more Bluetooth printers and have an android version.


When I started as an independent distributor of America’s number one snack cake 32 years ago, the printer was so big it came with its own stand to mount in your truck. So YES we have absolutely come a long way! You had to go to the truck to print the invoice. Using my phone and having any information a retailer would want to see at my fingertips has been a huge blessing! I think I was the 89th distributor in the nation to go with the app and overall have not had not one problem that caused me not to be able to sell product. The Ideas department is the best!!


I’m loving the progress of this Application, it’s been approving over time and has made our lives and the workplace much easier and efficient.


Love the app just wish y’all could make it run on Android cuz I hate iPhones the only reason why I have an iPhone is for this app make it happen on android please


Not being able to view what promotions are running per store when ordering is very difficult as you have to pull out of order screen to place orders is very inconvient and time consuming


Every time I use the app with Bluetooth and read my pic list the app crashes


It’s a nightmare! Way off!


Started using this for a few weeks now. It’s an excellent tool but very buggy. Doesn’t respond with every command. Even the next command when the delay between was minimal. Long delay while pulling the item next command it doesn’t respond. Very inconsistent in the response to commands.


This is the best invoicing system I’ve worked with.


Why are we always updating the app to make more hard to understand. Simply is not always a bad thing. I.e changing the name from stores to sale transactions.


Poor delivery notifications. Intentional by management. Too many steps to get to the basics. Missing important Business expenses tracking ability just to be cheap on building the app.


I would like to better be able to figure out where I stand ... I liked when I knew on a daily basis where I stood on my bill ... takes a lot of digging and checking reports to try and figure out how much you still owe and what your profit for the week is ...


I like the new app, I wish that if you have to sell into the next load a day early that you’re inventory would adjust the next day instead of being off. I know a person can end the week a day early but I hate to do that for a little bit. Overall the new app is good.


After today’s update we still do not have an ETA time! When is “ON TIME”?


Not giving us a “ETA” on the app is unacceptable to distributors. How do we know what the “on schedule” time is . This is actually useless. It was better 10 years ago when we called dispatch to get the ETA


This app has made it way easier to handle my business as a whole. I have 6 locations, I am very proficient with wholesale management and the integration of those features have been a huge step forward keeping a pulse on day to day activity. Pros: Super easy interface Beginners have zero problems picking up and understanding how to use the app, I’ve witnessed first hand with 5 new location operators. COST IS FREE. as much as I enjoyed paying $1300 for my first 4 location software license agreements this is one dramatic improvement. Phone integration is life changing. Bluetooth headsets make all the difference. I can listen to music, make an order, send a text, call my mom, all in the same device at the same time. GPS is a game changer. No more guessing where a store is or depending on a separate device. The app Leads you right to the store. COST IS FREE I think I can’t stress this enough so I’ll repeat it at least 72 more times. Each update has gotten more stable and improved the overall experience. Cons: To my knowledge there is no way to add non McKee items as of right now. Dexing is still hit or miss but I think that isn’t the app as much as the gimme key. The app is battery draining but a simple car charger eliminates any excuses there. Either way I have faith that these things could get added or improved upon in time. There’s absolutely no reason to wait any longer. Leaving a sour review here only ultimately hurts all of us because it slows adoption to a change that is necessary. If you’re an old dog this isn’t a new trick merely an extension to what you already do anyway. Now you just do it all from one device. P.S. cost is free


The ability to see previous on-hand counts while ordering for the week is an absolute must. I’ve had nothing but issues with my inventory since moving from the Intermec because of this. The “pre-sale” function is extremely buggy and I often lose them before entering the store. The “Read Pick List” function is very useful, but has its own litany of bugs and often refuses to work at all.


So many flaws it makes my head spin. Inventory sometimes doesn’t transfer over after accepting it. Invoice sales show up on the reports screen, yet the product doesn’t always come out of inventory, which can be a planning nightmare, not to mention the headache of having to manually fix the numbers. Nice try, but you’ve got a lot of work to do...


I like using my phone and not having to carry around the computer with me. As for the app it has its pros and cons I guess. To me it’s a step forward apps are easily edited and updated they are of course never without their glitches tho, but Problems people have with the app can be addressed and fixed. It seems faster creating new shelf sets using the app rather than my old CN70. And tho I have only been using it a few days now I haven’t had any problems of great significance. This app h


Call ideas and get them to send you printer settings that turns off the sleep mode. I rarely have to reconnect the printer if ever anymore. It works great now. And for those of you that are whining about not enough stale history on my business I have a fix for you too. If you pick it up more than three times take it out of the shelf set and the store never has it again. It’s not ideas or MyBusiness app fault you don’t have enough brain cells to pickup less stale.