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The Julius: Resolves an issue where when you tapped to edit a person's bio field, the collection would sometimes incorrectly scroll left to open the person's contact details card instead. Recent changes to image storage had the side effect that when a person did not have a photo, but had an avatar set, you would see this avatar displayed in the photo card when focussing on a person. This has now been returned to the way it worked previously: if no photo is set, this card always gives you instructions for loading an image. Please note the next update to Intro will require iOS 15. This will include an update that will provide multi-device sync. The current version of Intro will continue to run as a standalone app if you are running a version of iOS prior to iOS 15.


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Intro enables you to keep track of everything you need to remember. Notes with context. People with both contact information and your history of connections and notes. Search based on fragments of whatever you can recall… even what a person looked like. All alongside a tool to help you learn people’s names, handcrafted for you by a neuropsychologist.

That name at the ready. Your connections to hand. Unlock your superpower.

Maybe in life, you learn from your mistakes. But in learning names, errors undermine recall.

Intro provides a face and name learning tool. Start with your entire personal network, or focus your learning on a person, group, or context. Either way, you’ll have a deceptively simple learning experience that uses errorless learning techniques with spaced retrieval. Basically, learning that understands how your brain is wired.

You will learn names, and you will remember them. You will be amazed. Honestly, it’s like unlocking a superpower.

Contact info you enter will keep the Contacts app up to date. (Or not, your choice.) But there’s more to people than just phone numbers & email. Dial up an avatar to tag a person with a range of physical attributes.

You can then use these all of these in Intro’s search. So next time you see that blonde woman in the supermarket, you’ll quickly find who you’re talking to, even if you’ve drawn a blank on both the name and where she’s from.

Wouldn’t it be better to just have the info at a glance? Bookmark a person as a priority and they’ll be in the first list you see as soon as the app launches.

So whatever your day holds you’ll have the names you most need right to hand—for your key appointments, and for that person you just met at the party.

“How secure are my servers? I don’t even have a server. Your data stays on your device. Period. This isn’t a social network, and it’s not a communication platform. The Intro app isn’t about you sharing your personal network with me, or with anyone else. It’s a private tool you use, for your own benefit.”—Dr Duncan Babbage, Founder and Developer, Intro

The free version of Intro provides tools to manage your contacts, and enables you to access all additional data you’ve added to Intro during a subscription.

An Intro Pro subscription unlocks the full features, such as the ability to create and link people, notes and groups, and use the errorless learning tool for names and faces. Even if you end your subscription later, you will always be able to access all of the data you’ve created in Intro.

An Intro Pro subscription works like this:
• A one month free trial is available in the app. This is a no obligation free trial and does not automatically convert to a subscription.
• After this, you can purchase access to the features of Intro Pro with a one year pass for US$2.99.
• Alternatively, an ongoing yearly subscription is offered at US$2.49/year. (Similar pricing in the local currency is offered in other countries.) Payment is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
• One year passes do not automatically renew.
• A yearly subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will be at the same rate and renewal duration you originally approved.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase. Turning off auto-renew ends your subscription at the end of the active subscription period.
• Even if you end your subscription, you will always be able to access all of the data you’ve created in Intro.
• Read Intro’s privacy policy and terms of use for more information:

Have thoughts, suggestions or feedback? Send them—Duncan wants to hear from you.
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