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【图】A prince, a house steward, and an assassin(截图 0)【图】A prince, a house steward, and an assassin(截图 1)


Prince Will I come home stay at home for some reason!?

Royal multi-tenant comedy of dangerous fragrance that threaten the peace!
Characters such as Maiden Prince, Butler, childhood friend, brother character tends to Mune Kyun large number comes up!

A prince, a house steward, and an assassin” is application to enjoy the love of men and characters who individual hero and ( you).
I can play dating simulation game in earnest ( otome game) feel free to smartphone!

In the feature-rich and simple operation, please enjoy the story of dazzling and beautiful graphics.

◆ Story
You have already fight with Ouji childhood friend, Nazuna.

If you are walking while angry, resulting in the accident Chu and the man who fell from the stairs suddenly.
Got angry and ” rude person! ” The person of the man for some reason.

When you come home while becoming feeling sad situation you do not know the reason,
Story Prince is coming to homestay at home for some reason is!

Parents will go to overseas travel reward I got, to end up to his care.
And the prince on the other of the accident Chu,
And brother of Prince Butler, Butler to his brother came tumbling, I threaten the peace of the Nazuna!

Royal multi-tenant comedy of dangerous fragrance.

◆ Characters
◇ Nazuna Suzuhara ※ name can be changed
Age: 18 years old.
College student financial habit is struggling with the parents slap-happy rough.

◇ Prince Edward
Age: 19 years old.
Ruridania kingdom first prince. Nicknamed Ed.
It is a character I like, but you have the confidence and pride as a member of the royal family.
Homestay in the house of the Nazuna. It seems to have been targeted by thugs apparently.

◇ Prince Theodore
Age: 16 years old.
The second prince Ruridania kingdom. Nicknamed Teddy. Brother of Ed.
The cute girl to like you are always smiling, but it Haraguro fine in the back.
Ultra Burakon prince love Ed.

◇ Vantaa
Age: 22 yearsold.
Edward Butler.
Competent reticent. And are serving to Edward like a shadow always.
I treat it like a maid of Nazuna.
It’s a universal not as interesting, but actually weaknesses…… only one.

◇ Albert
Age: 20 years old.
Theodore Butler.
And feel that a courtesy ‘s mack at the sight of women in chat.
Nevertheless, ability as Butler is conflict with the Vantaa.

◇ Ouji Matsuoka
Age: 18 years old.
Childhood friend who lives in the house next to the Nazuna.
You are nervous because the princes began to live together in the house of Nazuna.
It ‘s seems to be a part-time job of secret but……

◆ Creators
Illustrator: Mitaka Shinno
Scenario Writer: Morita Ayari

◆ Features of this application
· Beautiful illustrations, many recording!
· It is equipped with save / load, skip, and backlog, a function that is easy to play gap time smartphone.

◆ The basic information
‧ Free download
‧ Memories needed: at least 39MB

◆ Recommended for you
· I like Prince.
· I like Royal family.
· I like Butler.
· I like girls’ comics, romance novels, and romance.
· I want to play willingly free love game.
· I want to find a boyfriend in a two-dimensional!

◆ About the supportive company
About HuneX Company,
we are with the spirit of 「Bring the dream, emotion and bravery to more people.」 and have created many kinds of social games until now. We now try our best to make good use of our knowledge and skills to produce the mobile app games with high quality.

(C) Magicseed inc./Think-a ltd./HUNEX CO.,LTD.




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I love the story line, and the story is rather sweet. But It’s rather short lived and repetitive. Perhaps Each characters “route” could have bigger difference than from the others. Also, if you could, please extend the gameplay. I finished Two routes within four hours. (Time was taken due to collecting tickets) so probably a total gameplay of Two hours, not including time i took to do other things. That two hours, was only for two routes! Possible make it longer or add “After Endings” where after you finish a route (how it is now) there are Extra “Episodes” to carry on the story. I just really feel as though this story could be longer and have more detail put into it, giving it more depth. Things Like, Getting to know characters better, school life with them all, normal day to day things like going to the store. Just more things to involve the characters and help us get a better understanding on who they are. We do get a Good understanding of characters but I’d love to know more. Also, maybe more poses for the characters? Giving them more emotion? And When your in all the different bedrooms, they all look exactly the same? Maybe alter some things. But overall I really like the app, It really drew me in and was interesting. I loved the characters but if some of the stuff i mentioned were added or things were altered, I may just love the app even more!


You should be ashamed HuneX. Not only does the game forget your save after one day, but you cannot even view CGs IN GAME unless you unlock the gallery, which can only be done with points you get through watching videos or fulfilling things through tapastic. And even then after a day you have to rebuy gallery again. Not even touching on how bad the translation is, it's like you put it through google translate and called it a day. This is a TERRIBLE app by a terrible company. Don't download and certainly don't pay for all the episodes cause who knows if you'll have to rebuy the episodes after a day anyway 👎