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As an mdINR patient on anticoagulation therapy as prescribed by your physician, the mdINR application let’s you quickly and efficiently enter your PT/INR self-test results and submit them through mdINR without having to call and navigate voice-prompt menus.

With the application you will also be able to view result history, supply order status and setup reminders.

Your doctor will continue to receive and review your PT/INR test results from mdINR and make any required changes to your dose. Always check directly with and consult your physician before making medical decisions.



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Tried to pair my iPhone and clicked on Pair in the app. Nothing. Called and was told, “I don’t even know why people try to connect. You can’t.” Then why is there a Bluetooth connection offered in app and on the device?


I have used this app for a long time and have come to depend on it. After this update it no longer works. Time to dig out the little INR recording booklet. Ugh.


I was able to use this app from Europe last year to report my INS test results and found it to be the best way to do it. No costly phone calls. I have been away from the States for a month and tried several times to use the app without success. The Philips customer service contacted by phone suggested to remove the app and reinstall it. I did that but I still could not use it. I hope that the technical staff will be able to resolve this problem.


This app needs a major reboot my machine has Bluetooth but the app can’t sync up with my machine I’m told it’s “ in the works “ but they never fix the problem please fix this app for your patients !!!


I used Bluetooth with my Coag-Sense 2 meter but now it has inexplicably been pulled out of the latest update granted it worked horribly before. Wish the devs would fix this.


The Mobile App has worked well for me when entering my weekly INR results. Easier and quicker than calling in results over the phone. However, although I have consistently tested and reported my INR result each week on Thursday nights, I regularly receive phone messages stating I have not reported my results. I receive these calls/messages on various days of the week. The message comes across as if I have consistently not followed procedures. It says I can call customer service concerning any problem or issue, which I would like to do; however, no one has ever answered. I’ve called during working hours. I’ve never been given the option to leave a message, in response to the inaccurate message which is consistently left for me. My Nurse Practitioner with the doctor who handles the management of my blood thinning medication has a number and contact person who she has called. She has explained my testing schedule several times, as neither of us want you to think I don’t stick with my schedule. I just received another call (message) wanting to know where are my results and stressing the importance of testing and reporting as scheduled. I would like to resolve this issue, so I know we are on the same page. When referred to the App, itt is simply the normal site I use to report my results EACH THURSDAY EVENING. I’ve chosen to explain this issue here, as I have not been able to get it resolved, yet it seems a simple clarification is needed and maintained. Any suggestions??


I just got an iPhone 12 with ios 14.2 downloaded the MDinr app and everything works fine except I have to input my password everytime to log in. Maybe I am missing a setting somewhere but it would be much more convenient if the face ID worked.


This app is great and makes reporting my INR a breeze. The only downfall is a bug that doesn’t allow Face ID on the iPhone to work. Fix the bug and it’ll be 5 stars!


How does one know if the INR result was successfully transmitted? No Indication of any kind. Result not listed in history.....nothing This App has no information about Bluetooth or Wi Fi. When trying to transmit results, it simply does not work. When you get a note saying that the information didn’t transmit, there’s no help or further support to figure out why. The tutorial is a sham; basically walking you through very obvious steps of logging in and that’s it, nothing more! The App will not stay logged in. The Bluetooth will not stay connected.


App is now broken after the latest update. Cannot login to record results. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. App support seems nonexistent. Directed to Lincare website that has no information on the app. Please fix the app so I can report my results to my physician.


I learned my birth name about 76 years ago. I learned my internet sign name about 15 years ago. But I have no idea what my PIN# is with mdINR. Is it on my birth certificate? Where do I find it? Maybe it’s tattooed under my arm. Should I check there? I was under the misconception that during the Covid-19 pandemic I would be saving you and me time with weekly reports. Your phone answering recording suggests I do this, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried to fool Mother Nature. Any insight on where to look for my PIN number?


Can’t login, no help from company, have called and held for 25 mins at a time only to get someone who can’t help me each time, never can get a call back from anyone who actually can help to verify login info.


This is a great alternative to calling in my results. I can’t connect my Coag-Sense People/INR to my iPhone through Bluetooth.


Worst service. Supplies never came. Today we had to go to Hospital to draw blood. An hour waiting to talk to customer service who never came.


I love not having to call in my results, but I think there should be an option to notify the user at medication times and dosage changes. Also it would be cool to add some graphs to show what percentages you were in or out of range.


This app works perfectly for me, especially since they added FaceID. The historical data is invaluable. I would like to see one feature and that is a place to enter the dosage instructions the doctor gives us. Or just a notepad feature so I can enter dosage instructions and anything else that might affect the results.


You must watch tutorial there is no help logging in you simply must know tap empty space and enter device pin where there is no prompt to do so or you will not login and it doesn’t error or tell you what you are missing. Please watch tutorials or be frustrated.


I recently got an iPhone 11 Pro and its running IOS 13 and before the app worked flawlessly in every way but using the camera to scan the machine results. It now crashes upon doing Face ID to log in.


I recently upgraded my iPhone to the XR and now I can’t get the app to open with FaceID. It reads the FaceID but the app just closes after it confirms the FaceID. It worked with TouchID with my 6s prior to my phone upgrade. Is there an update coming to correct this? I take my 93 yo MIL INR weekly and not having to remember the long PIN was very helpful.


Full disclosure: I’ve only been using this app for a month. The first 3 times it worked like a charm. Today it decided the login I successfully used the previous 3 weeks is now incorrect. I checked for updates, but found nothing.