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【图】The Curio Society: The Thief of Life – Hidden(截图 0)【图】The Curio Society: The Thief of Life – Hidden(截图 1)


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Several years ago, a scientist named Jack was cast out of the Curio Society. Apparently this former operative never got over that disgrace, and has come back for revenge by attacking your fellow agents. This thief has brought a bunch of special weapons to the fight, and the entire Society is relying on you to stop him. Can you put an end to the evil plans of this spiteful villain?

In order to save your colleagues, you’ll have to team up with some ingenious inventors. Their mechanical contraptions may be your only hope!

Finish off your foe through a variety of electrifying hidden object scenes.

Use this unique scepter to help solve intricate puzzles and cryptic mini-games.

Continue your adventure and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Film Strips, morphing objects, and more!

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🎉🥳 I was initially ecstatic as the game began, like a party, with my “FAVORITE TRIFECTA of FUN” and exactly what I’ve always wanted from the beginning ⭐️MULTIPLE Mini Games, Puzzles and HO⭐️ complete with EASY and HARD settings. and it got better! 🌀NO ANIMALS 🌀Custom Settings 🌀Deep Hues and Bright Colors in Scenes 🌀Crisp “On Point” Graphics 🌀A Variety of differing Objects DOMINI has obviously looked at the dusty calendar, realizing how long HO games have been stuck in a “Time Warp” (no, not the fun dance) 🙊FINALLY recognizing the stench of old rotting ideas piling up on Deaths Doorway (@the corner of Big Fish+Apple) and thinking outside the box (or casket) these decayed ideas are rightfully buried in. 🏹They aimed high, setting out to redefine the new standard in HO games with fresh modern ideas and creative concepts..... Oh, Joy of Joys...! But Then .... SWOOSH! SLAM!🥳🥊 As soon as Owl Wand magically removed the debris....I was instantaneously deflated, as the Fun Police arrived and shut the party down. It must’ve been an “Evil” Owl Wand.... because as the tons of DUST resettled, it was like an archaic HOP 101 checklist: 👎🏻Car (disabled in any manner) 👎🏻Broken Bag Zipper w Paperclip 👎🏻Dusting off Cobwebs 👎🏻Repairing Wire w Tape 👎🏻A NASTY CRACKLING SQUAWKING CROW I spoke too soon. I wish the Owl Wand could have removed all THIS debris - permanently. Why is it SO difficult to change/update concepts, scenery, progression flow, objects, items....anything make it new? More creative? Requiring some actual skill? Make HO actually hidden? ~~~~~~~~ I’m halfway through the game (and my box of tissues) doubtful of a major turnaround to edit review. But as an eternal optimist (really!) .... stranger things..... Miss LC 🌁❤️🐏


Glitch where you find the climbing gear but it doesn't go into your inventory. Deleted and reloaded - did it again. They still don't have an update to fix it and it's been since the end of April.


I agree totally with Ape Town


The story was good, nice tidy wrap up. The reason I can only give it 3 stars was the mini games. They were either super easy, or insanely hard with very little in between. Oh, and if you are after a lot of HOPs, this is not the game you are looking for.


I like the match 3 option very good game different than most


I'll lead with the positives: the story line is actually good and it ended well. Plus, I feel like I actually got a good amount of play time out of it. However, I do have a few negatives that drop it down to a solid 3 stars (maybe 3.5). First, the mini games are either ridiculously difficult or too easy, there really isn't any in between. Also, with the mini games, it's entirely too easy to accidentally exit out, which was a bit frustrating. Plus, there was a LOT of running back and forth between rooms to get items. That's a minor inconvenience, no big deal, but worth mentioning. My biggest dislike overall was definitely the mini games (and I rarely have problems with them in other games). All in all, I'd say it's worth it, but I've played better.


This is one of the best of this genre. The puzzles are challenging (fortunately they have easy and hard options), the HOS of varying type, and the story is decent. What has become important for me is the time switching between scenes - and switching is instantaneous in the game. Why can't all developers do this?


Was really enjoying this game when, at the end of Chapter 5, I couldn't progress! The hint didn't work-'move on nothing more to do' and the guide said 'place the photograph' which proved impossible. I'm very disappointed. Too far along to start over-up to this point everything worked fine I'll want a refund-it's now unplayable


An unusually good game, with good story line and very original games.


Have played lots of the type Big Fish Games. This one is challenging without being frustrating. High quality graphics and interesting story. Would buy it again. First game I've ever rated. It's that good. Strongly recommend!


Challenging enough to entertain and great graphics. My only criticism would be that the solutions to a number of the problems were fairly obvious. A little on the pricey side, but the bonus is nice. All in all, a very good app that you can pick up for a couple of minutes and make progress.


Story okay, graphics good and great game flow. No glitches. But the best mini games ever. All new, extremely clever and challenging. This is why I play games so I can figure something out and not just watch a video. This game was the best!


Better than the last one. Lots of variety in the mini-games, creative HOPs. I think you need to be into gadgets ( however improbable) to really enjoy this series. I like the colors, makes a change from the usual dark palette.


The graphics are wonderful and the game play starts off great. After purchase, the devs seem to try too hard to be original with puzzles and things start to get boring and cumbersome. Some game instructions were unclear and other games were just time wasters. I never skipped so many games due to boredom. Worth 2.99 but only for the graphics.


I love this game. Beautiful graphics, map, collections, story of a rogue agent. Mini puzzles choose hard or easy. And if you don't want to play HOS you have the options of playing match 3. The best of the Curio Society series yet.


Could we possibly stop the insane pop up boxes to review the thing over and over? One small note after completion to help them out with a review would be plenty. I'm not reviewing a game I've played for half an hour. Come on, use your brains.


I'm surprised that anyone associated with animal rescue (mini paws rescue)would be so concerned about any human that brags about wearing fur coats, diamonds(lynx mynx) and things of that nature. I personally am repulsed by anyone who's vanity is more important then the lives of innocent animals who's skin is used for adornment. But that's just me I guess. As far as the rat thing, please dont encourage this controlling behavior. That L.M. Seems to use to insure that everyone is rallying around her at all times to ensure she is the leader of this ridiculous D.T.E. thing.this is something they have just made up in their mind and is causing problems for us normal folks that have out grown this immature behavior not to mention that many people have fears of all kinds of things but don't require their own personal warning team, my god grow up!! Many of us have asked time and time again for this beyond annoying behavior to stop. This is an inclusive game review site, no one is in charge so knock it off, it's what elementary kids do, not grown ups. Please find somewhere else to discuss your phobias, dental problems and ailments, THIS IS A GAME REVIEW SITE!! As for the game, this is turning out to be a super game and I am truly enjoying it. I would encourage all to buy this game and enjoy!!


ARTIFEX MUNDI just released Queens Quest 3: The End Of Dawn. You can play a free trial and purchase it for $2.99 for a limited time. I wasn't expecting to like this game since it is not within one of my favorite series; fortunately, my disposition has changed for the better. You play as yet another agent who is pursuit of a deviant ex-agent gone wild, and you try to thwart his attempts to destroy many lives with his calamitous inventions. It's not exactly a novel concept; however, my attention remains transfixed and drawn into the storyline. Throughout your search, you will be amazed at certain works of wonder, such as a disturbing and bizarre support system for the head (unattached from the body, of course) of Professor Maxwell in order to communicate with him. The graphics are mediocre in quality and devoid of the crispness and clarity of details that Grim Facade had. On the contrary, I am mesmerized by the coloration, with its exquisitely vivid presentation of scintillating and prismatic tinges that brightly radiate out through a monochromatic bluish background representing the dusk hours. If you poke around the scenes a bit, you will be fancied by amusing animations, such as books falling on the floor and a skeleton jiggling about. You can customize your settings. The inventory is labeled, interactive, and puzzle-like; items require assembly. The Tasks Book solely documents your updated tasks and collected notes; however, these intriguing notes are informative because they elaborate on the science fiction-like inventions created by the agents. In custom mode, the teleport map is slightly delayed in transporting you to labeled locations; it does indicate available actions. In addition, you can choose to enable the collectible indicator. Non-map transition between scenes is delayed by about a second or two. The HOSs are highly interactive and comprise various fashions; I always cherish the story-driven format in which you find items in accordance with the visual text that conveys the backstory. I am a passionate lover of puzzles, and this game is purported to contain 54 mini-games. If you are now starting to hit the purchase button, hold on a minute! Most of them so far are structured as the tedious "moving one object affects another object" approach, which cuts into playtime if you prefer to abstain from clicking the Skip button. Additionally, I love a good challenge; however, some of them are the cumbersome time-management types, which seem to never end. Diversity anyone? You collect items in each scene--sometimes more than one item; they are conspicuously placed. You also collect film reels to learn some backstory of the characters, but plan on replaying them at least twice because the text flashes by very rapidly. Aside from the aforementioned issues, there are a few quibbles. This game desperately needs a back button; frequently, I was taken out of a puzzle, resulting in extreme vexation. The puzzle kept resetting each time I accessed it; and as a result, I had to skip it. Accordingly, instead of adding a star for the favorable amount of puzzles, I am deducting one for having to toil through a persistent singular type. Overall, though, I am thoroughly entertained by the scientifically oriented storyline, the diversity of HOSs, and the discovery of all the wacky inventions that these agents mastermind. For these reasons, I do feel that this release is worth playing the free trial. Therefore, my true rating of 3.5 stars is elevated to a final 4 stars.


I was beginning to wonder if I'd find any new game that I'd at least like, this one went above that. Lots of fun, loved the mini games. The hidden objects were not always the same old seek and find, did I mention that I loved the game?! It felt short but I'm pretty sure that's because I was enjoying it so much. The bonus chapter was a lot of fun too. Well worth it.


ETA: After searching this game's forum on Big Fish's site (and also other reviewers here), it seems several players on varying platforms (mobile, PC, etc) are experiencing the exact same glitch I mention below. I emailed BFG regarding this issue, and they confirmed the glitch, and are going to fix it. So, in the meantime, buyer beware. So I'm at the point where I should have the 3/3 items to repel into that hole (I did collect them, but they are now not in my inventory!) and I cannot proceed because they aren't there. Tapping hint directs me to said hole, which I am unequipped for, and I'm literally stuck. Fix this!