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This app has been updated by Apple to display the AppleWatch app icon. We did our best to make the game even more exciting and fun to play by adding: - New challenging levels; - New location, the Savannah; Have wonderful time playing Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire!


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Start an exciting adventure with Tri Peaks Solitaire game (also known as TriTowers, Triple Peaks, Three Peaks or Pyramid Solitaire).

Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire is a captivating card solitaire game that combines in itself strategy, attention span and brain responsivity. The aim of the game is to gather all cards from the table by taking a card with a value that is one higher or one lower than the top card in your deck.
There’s always a walkthrough, you just need to find it! No time limits – relax and take your time. But, if you’d like to try and complete a lever gaining all three stars, play fast and make big combos!

If you like to play card games, TriPeaks or a Classic solitaire – this game is definitely made for you. In case you never played a game like this before, give it a try! It will take you a few minutes to understand how this game works.

Plenty of exciting levels; a variety of bonuses and boosters; unusual cards making the game even more interesting; outstanding graphics and wonderful music are waiting for you.
This game is filled not only with aces, cowboys and jokers! You will set out in a captivating journey of a pilot girl, Mary, who ended up unconscious on a mystic island after the airplane crash. Mary is about to visit the dark corners of her mind in order to return to the living.

Download the game right now and get:
– Simple but exciting game play
– Plenty of levels
– A great variety of bonuses and boosters
– Additional unusual cards
– Free regular updates with new levels

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Game could have added some interactive side games or resource seek and find. But the real issue is how difficult it is so soon. I used up all my lives and purchased lives in my first sitting and not even off the first island. Not fun.


I really like the concept, the game itself is great minus the heart system. If you get stuck on a level and die 5 times you have to pay to refill hearts or wait for hearts to regenerate. I want casually play a game on my phone not pay to play when I get stuck on a level. Without that system in place this would be a 5 star game instead if I could give it a 0 I would.


Game is great but has not been added to for years. So you just keep playing the same levels over and over again.


You should be able to earn things like jokers and hints and points. I like the game but you need to add a few things.


Your only option is to purchase everything. Cannot earn anything such as an undo. Somewhat frustrating.


I really like this game. Very enjoyable. The words are small and hard to see. Several times I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall to make progress. Seems buying stuff on this game doesn’t make any difference. I still lose and if I do win and make progress this game often doesn’t recognize it. It is lots of fun. I really enjoy playing. Hopefully the wrinkles are smoothed out and I’ll continue to play. KB.


I do like playing this game, but I have no clue what the point was because I couldn’t read the intro information. It showed on my screen at about a 5pt font... I do like they there are side things to do. But change your font so it’s readable.


I do like the game.. But I do agree w the others w more Hints and able to get Diamonds. Know that I have played for a while..I see all u want is my Money..with nothing in return! No Thanks!


Apparently I must be the only one I’ve seen out a few reviews I read to mention the fact that YOU CANNOT CLEAR A BOARD as in just 1 never mind on multiple levels I’m on island 2 but has taken me a month to get there idk how people play this without losing their cool....I REFUSE to pay money for extra tries to win a board that clearly is bent on making u loose every time you play....even if I get all the cards right and not miss a play ....I’m uninstalling this because I honestly feel this is not a good honest game it’s VERY GEARED towards making u spend money just to be able to clear a board 90% if not 95% of the time....rarely do u get to clear any board honestly


Fun game but no instructions and no way to earn extra bonuses. A little frustrating!


Can’t earn points , nothing


Fun game. Way too many in app purchases I wouldn’t purchase it again.


This is the first in many games that I have played that gives minimum instructions! How do you acquire bonuses?? How do continue to acquire points?? I have completed 4 islands and have no points saved. How can this be and what is the purpose? This would be a great game if someone would have really thought about how we gamers would feel. Too bad!! Look up Tiki Islands and see how a real game should be developed.


This game needs a board meeting so the makers can play and see that when you first start and have the extra points your well and good. BUT as I see you have to wait and wait to play on your terms. This game rated from 1 to 5 it’s a 1. Break down and give mores instructions to the rules of the game.


This game is not too bad. It’s actually pretty cool, however, it would be a lot more fun, if you could acquire bonuses and some wild cards or hints. A bonus for daily game play, for example would be nice.


Guess it’s time to delete this . I have asked when new levels will be added but it doesn’t look like you have any intention of doing so


Can’t earn hints, takes forever to beat some levels.


Like playing the game, but hate the fact that it has 'lives'. When you loose a game, you loose a life, when you run out of lives, you can either buy more, or just wait. "Just wait"? I got this game so I could play it - not have the game tell me I've had enough play and I should go play something else until my lives are restored. Get real FIVE-BN, it shouldn't be up to you as to when I get to play the game!


Love my tripeaks solitaire games but this one gets impossible to pass a level WAY too early. I wouldn't mind spending money if the game was rigged into MAKING me spend money. 🤑


Really wished that you would stick with your adventure hidden object games. It has been a long time since we have seen a release for IPad. Quite honestly I was very disappointed, even though this is a card game. Downside is that you have to wait for energy to refill or start opening your wallet. Not a good thing! KdBoots (Don't think that I will be going this route)