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**NEW: 100+ Recipes + Custom Fasting Plans + SOS Help** The biggest update ever is now available and takes your fasting to the next level! • Choose from 100+ easy, delicious and varied dishes suitable for any lifestyle. • Save your favorite plans or create your own unique plan. • Overcome tough situations during fasting with our new SOS feature.


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The #1 fasting app with more than 26 million installs!

BodyFast accompanies you day by day on your journey to your goals. Reach your goal weight, get healthy and feel full of energy.


• Intermittent fasting for beginners and experienced fasters
• A personalized fasting plan from the BodyFast Coach every week
• Tailored to your goals and progress
• Daily coaching for motivation, knowledge and tips
• 100+ recipes – developed for your fasting success
• Know what you’re eating – with our food facts
• Track your weight and body measurements
• Drink enough water with the water tracker
• Weekly challenges for better health and more physical activity


• More than 10 fasting plans like 16-8 or 5-2
• Fasting timer including reminders
• Track your weight and body measurements
• Fasting stages: See what’s happening in your body while fasting
• Water tracker
• Knowledge pool for intermittent fasting
• Apple Health connectivity


Reach your goals 30% faster!

The BodyFast Coach calculates the optimal fasting plan for you every week. It also motivates you with challenges and tips for a healthier life. With over 100 cooking recipes you’ll accelerate your weight loss success.

• A new fasting plan every week from the BodyFast Coach
• Your personalized program based on your progress and goals
• Daily coaching with knowledge, tips and motivation
• 100+ delicious recipes specially tailored for fasting
• Our food facts show you what you’re eating
• Weekly personalized health and fitness challenges
• Save your favorite plans or create your own fasting schedule
• Get instant SOS help from BodyFast’s team of experts
• Unlock all fasting plans
• Collect trophies for your achievements
• Take a “Joker Day” off from fasting


• It has never been easier to lose weight and feel great
• Become slim and healthy with simple breaks from eating
• You can eat what you want – no calorie counter needed
• No diet, no yoyo-effect
• Develop healthy routines
• Improve your relationship with food
• Combinable with any diet such as keto, paleo or low carb
• Ideal also for water fasting and lent


• Intermittent fasting is the most natural and healthiest way to lose weight
• You strengthen your immune system
• The body learns anew to burn fat
• Your body starts detox processes while fasting
• You live healthier and have more energy
• You prevent numerous illnesses like diabetes
• Allergies, inflammations and food intolerances can be reduced

Losing weight has never been easier – without a diet!

Find out more about the science behind intermittent fasting on www.bodyfast.app.


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Have a try and download the app for free!

BodyFast Intermittent Fasting website: http://www.bodyfast.app

Contact: https://www.bodyfast.app/en/#contact
BodyFast Privacy Policy: https://www.bodyfast.app/en/privacy/
BodyFast General Terms and conditions: https://www.bodyfast.de/en/privacy


The download and use of the BodyFast app is free of charge. Full access to all available Coach features is limited to subscribers. There are different terms to choose from. If you opt for a subscription, you will pay the price set for your country and displayed in the app. If you don’t cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current term, it will automatically renew for the originally selected period and your deposited payment method will be charged. You can also disable the auto-renew feature in your iTunes account settings.




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Hey I want to cancel my subscription because it was done by mistake. Please let me know how to cancel it urgently.


I read you could use this without a coach or subscription, but beyond answering questions about me I cannot get it to work. I just want a reminder and time to track when to fast I do not need a coach or nutrition. I thought I could at least use the two week beginner program to try this. Can anyone help explain what I can do? Or should I just delete? Not paying a subscription for something I have never seen work or in use.


I wish it were a little easier to use without getting a “fasting coach”, which is of absolutely no interest to me, but for a utility I’m using for free I can’t complain. Tracking my fasting has brought new accountability to my fasting and I love the alerts and tracking. I’d love a version of the tool that I could just pay $5 or $10 for one time and get the general functionality for life. I don’t need a coach or challenges or recipes or any of that.


Really good at exactly what we are doing for dinner tonight and tomorrow Mama


This app offers practically nothing for free. They have many recipes but only one recipe per category is free. Unless you pay and sign up for a coach this app does not offer much to someone who wants to try intermittent fasting. ☹️


Am asking for a refund as individual daily fasting times based on the user schedule is impossible. Don’t buy coaching unless you want trivial support. Google gives more in-depth tips for free. This is a loser app.


I don’t want to pay for an app I should be free. There’s lots of weight loss apps that are free. Way too expensive. Please


When I adjust my fasting times I don’t see where I can do that. It needs to be easier to find.


Downloaded the app, set my fasting times and it doesn’t keep time. When I’m supposed to be fasting, it said eating and I had a few hours left in eating but it said 28 hours and next cycle starts days later. It was set for 14:10 cycle . I repeated it a few times and it never kept the cycles or times correct.


This app really takes the guys work out of fasting. I’m only a few days in but I’m enjoying it so far. I like the reminders to stay hydrated.


Hi, I downloaded this app and gave my email but I want to delete my account. How can I do that?


I’m new to the app so I’m only just now learning to maneuver it. Currently I’m starting slow and only using the free version. I’m one of those people who goes all in (logging calories, logging ounces of water, logging activity) and I burn out so quickly on the logging that I give up on all of it. One of the things that drew me to this app is I’m so tired of all the calorie counting. Of course, this doesn’t give me an excuse to eat a huge wedge of NY Cheesecake (as good as that sounds!) but it releases me from that obligation. I will still try my best to log my water intake but I won’t kick myself if I forget (or just don’t feel like it). The positive thing in such a short time is I’m being more mindful of when to eat and when not to eat. I’d like to do this for the month of April 2022 and then go from there (look at other fasting plans, consider the intro level of paid coaching, etc). I know a month might not give me enough time to make an informed decision to stay on or delete but it’ll will hopefully created the beginnings of a new habit!


I am enjoying this app


Please cancel and refund my money!! I did it by mistake. Thank you Linda Hay


I have set time for fasting but no way to say I met goal or missed daily goal. Coaching are just articles that pop up. Not worth the price.


Not worth the money. There is no help from this app.


It’s a good app I just wished everything didn’t cost to help people get healthier, healthier eating is already expensive enough without having to pay for coaching and encouragement…


I need to unsubscribe. Can’t find where to unsubscribe!


No how to instructions, left to just click around


Its not personalized at all. I have Not been able to reach anyone to cancel my subscription. I feel like my money is being stealed and IT IS. This is not like it says. You cannot type in what you consume, doesnt even have your name. Its all algorythms and I DONT LIKE IT. I want a full refund.