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- Fixes a bug where amount consumed would not show for bottle feedings in some cases.


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Daily Nanny is the best way for parents and nannies to share photos, track hours and overtime, keep in touch, and track important data about their kids.

Nannies clock in, enter previous shifts, and see exactly how much they are owed for their time, including overtime! Simply enter your hourly rate and your overtime rate, and we do the math and keep track of it all. Parents can track shifts as well, mark them as paid, and maintain historical data about whats been paid.

Create events centered around your kids that everyone on your care team can see. Add appointments, play dates, potential activities and more.

Nannies and Parents can upload and comment on photos, and they are automatically shared with all parties involved. Add grandma across the country to keep her in the loop, why not?

Messages keeps everyone on the same page. A group messaging thread between nannies and parents keeps all your care related communication in one place.

Nannies (and Parents!) can track daily information about kids like naps, bottles, meals, medicine, and more. Parents get push notifications when notable events happen during the day!

Parents get notified whenever any information is entered about their child, when a photo is uploaded, when a message is received, and the notification preferences are customizable.

Nannies: Enter the kids you care for and start tracking data. You can invite as many individuals to receive notifications as you want!
Parents: Enter your kids and start keeping track of crucial data. You can invite your nanny, and start collaborating!

Read our privacy policy here: https://dailynannyapp.com/privacy
Read our terms of service here: https://dailynannyapp.com/terms




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I’ve literally never written a review for an app before but this app deserves it. I’ve been using this app for 4+ months and this app has everything I was using multiple apps for before and more! The interface is much more user friendly than other apps out there. Our nanny, my husband, and I all love it! I love how it helps us know exactly what’s going on with our child when we’re at work. It helps make our handoffs in the morning and evening easier. We started using this well before our nanny started in the newborn phase and we like to use it on the weekends when we’re with our son as well. It helps us know what might be the issue when he’s crying. I think the use of this app extends beyond just for nannies and that it’s helpful for first time (especially sleep deprived) parents as well. Only recommended improvements (which would all honesty make this app go from great to incredible): -Ability to upload videos -Ability to track night time sleep separate from naps -Ability to see metrics and trends over time (I.e. average daily naps, average daily ounces consumed etc.) to help answer questions from the paediatrician at well baby visits The developer of this app is also very responsive and quick send helpful responses to any questions or concerns you may have!


My Nanny and I think this app is fabulous. It has worked so well for us and as a busy, working mom, I LOVE that I can get notifications all day long about what my son has been eating, how he's been napping, activities he's gone to, etc. It makes me feel a little less like I'm "missing out" on his day. As others have mentioned, it would be great to be able to “comment” on a note that has been posted. Otherwise, we’re incredibly satisfied with our experience and we’re thankful to Dave for creating such a useful tool!


I love it so far, but i just wish when i need to input anything for the childrens day, there was a selection for me to choose more than one child at a time instead of inputting one child's notes at a time. Its very inconvenient. Otherwise its good!


I know everyone is saying it but really needs videos. Parents feel more connected with the nanny and the child when they can see a video of them interacting with their child. Especially with infants because it’s hard for a lot of parents to be away from their little one. As a daycare teacher most daycares have switched over their tracking systems to apps and every-time I upload things to parents I always shoot for videos because they love them 10x more then pictures. Hopefully we getting video uploading real soon because this is like the only app out their for nanny’s that’s good!


Not clearly stated, but I can see the messages that our nanny had with a previous family. Haven’t found away to opt out and not allow other parents to view messages between the nanny and our family


I was not aware everyone, nanny and other parent, would have to purchase the app in order for them to post and view photos. I like it other than the need for everyone to buy the app in order for it to function as it should.


I just downloaded the app as a nanny per request by my family. I can not get past the “tell me a little about yourself” - page won’t save.


This app was the best thing for me being a nanny keeping track of crazy hours and then out of nowhere started crashing for no apparent reason


This app has made our lives much easier, so I was so happy to see the issue I had was fixed! I had no idea I could just email you, silly me. thank you for letting me know! Thank you developer for responding to my review & for fixing what ever the problem was. Next time I have any problems, will definitely email! I appreciate the response time as well.


Let me start by saying that the underlying concepts behind the design of this app is great. As someone hiring a new nanny having everything in one place is great. Having said that, there are some things that could use improvement. Overall, certain features such as the shift management was not super intuitive. There is also no consideration when setting up a shift to include paid or unpaid breaks and/or lunch which can mess up the calculations (especially because the amount is showing gross not net). Further, there is no option to repeat a shift schedule which means each shift has to be put in one by one. When inviting the nanny, make sure you use the right email. Couldn’t find a way to change the email for the nanny that I tried to add. Lots of timeouts- it was frustrating to set things up because I saw a ton of spinning. I finally gave up and went with a different app.


We got this when we hired our first nanny. I liked that I could manage her schedule as well as track our daughter’s day. The “all in one” was the major selling point. What could be better are two things: 1. I don’t like that my nanny needs a paid subscription to use the camera feature. My paid subscription should allow her to send me photos and videos of my daughter through the day. So instead we have to do that off platform which a) detracts from the all-in-one appeal, b) results in poor quality video because I have Apple and she is an Android user, and c) now I’m encouraging her to take photos which get stored on her phone... which I do NOT like (we are very protective of our daughter’s image). 2. The shifts feature with the nanny could be easier to navigate. I’d personally LOVE a calendar interface vs having to scroll dates. I frequently accidentally leave it on today’s date and end up creating duplicates and triplicates for the current date. It would also be awesome to have a designation like “scheduled” vs “completed” similar to how it already has the “paid” designation. That way I could “schedule,” and my nanny could acknowledge/ agree with the hours once the shift is over but all before I hit “paid” when it goes to payroll.


As a nanny, I would like to be able to have different check in times for different children. It would be a better way to track how much each parents owes


Our nanny is unable to view our shared calendar. Even after sending a few emails, reached out via social media, we’re not able to receive any sort of customer support for the app.


This is the only app like this that I have experience with. I think it works pretty well. It can be slow and glitchy, freezing up at times. For instance I am currently trying to add a second family to my account and it has been spinning/loading for several minutes. Sometimes it freezes when adding a photo. Sometimes the same thing when editing an activity or meal for instance in the day. Wish it worked a bit better in that regard.


I really like the app and the convenience it brings communicating about the kids with my husband and our caretaker. We can easily see what they ate, are they drinking enough water, if they had a BM, if they took any medicine and did they have an activity or incident. It makes it so much easier and ensures we are all aware of what happened and what needs to happen. I am hoping there are future improvements allowing entries for future days and also for recurring events eliminating the need to enter data that occurs daily. Overall this is a great app I highly recommend!


I pod and downloaded this app to track my nanny share with my son. I have been unable to receive any emails to join the app despite the other family getting set up. I contacted the customer service group twice and no one ever responded. At a minimum I would have liked to receive a little help or insight as to what was wrong. This is a waste of my time and money.


The app is exactly what I was looking for to have easier handoffs to my nanny, but when I add my husband as a caregiver, it charges him as well. Not sure why each family member should pay for sharing the same account. Not sure if others have encountered this.


Hope to see video upload capability added soon.


I was liking the app until this most recent update; now I get four simultaneous notifications with no info on any of them. “Baby drank a . Oz bottle at .” I don’t think it’s notifying me on naps either, which it used to. Also the interface is harder to look at now. I don’t care as much that she drank for 10 minutes, I’d rather see how much she drank, like it used to show. I’m sick of change for the sake of change, and not for the better. Annoying. Wish I could undo this crappy update.


Very helpful app!