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Security Enhancement and Bug fix


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Experience the Citi Mobile App, improved with easier navigation, newer design and stronger authentication.

Key Functionalities

▶ Hassle-free Registration
No more IDs and passwords. Registration is completed instantly with phone verification and 6 digit PIN number set up.

▶ Simplified Transfers
Make transfers without the hassle of account PINs, digital certificate presentation, etc.
*Depending on the transaction risk (transfer amount, recipient account) some additional authentication such as OTP/SMS OTP authentication may be required for your financial security.

▶ Smart Notifications
Never miss another account activity and events/privileges for you.

▶ Mobile Chat
Got questions? We’re right here to help. Chat with a Citiphone officer at your convenience.

▶ A Citi® branch, in your hand
With your busy schedule. We know you don’t want to add in a branch visit in your calendar. That’s why we included almost all our banking capabilities in Citi Mobile® – from currency exchange to opening a new account with us to taking out a loan.

▶ Enhanced Safety
Citi Mobile® is compliant with Citi’s global data protection and fraud detection standards.

Permission to Access

1. Mandatory Access : Citi Mobile® requires access to the following in order to function.
– Push : Allows the app to send real-time notifications on banking transactions.
– Camera : Allows the app to take a picture of photo ID upon new account opening. (only required for new account opening)

2. Optional Access : CitiMobile® works best when given access to the following.
– Device Location : Allows the app to look up nearest branch/ATM.
– Contacts : Allows fund transfer notification by SMS.
– Photo: Allows to save a copy of passbook.

*Citi Mobile® will not function on jailbroken/rooted devices. Such devices will need to be reset before running Citi mobile®.
*If you have any queries about Citi Mobile®, please use our Mobile Chat or contact Citiphone.
*The use of this Citibank KR app is for the customers of Citibank KR only. Content provided via this Citibank KR app is not specifically created for any territory other than where Citibank KR operates/is licensed to operate.

Compliance Review 2102-01-060 ( AS OF 2021.02.01 )




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IOS 최신버전 업데이트 후 계좌이체 창이 이상해졌습니다. 계좌이체가 불가능한데 해결해주세요


This newest version of the app is practically useless to me. The only way to log in now is the old ID-plus-password combination, even though I’m in Korea and have a phone number in my name. Non-Korean names have to be spelled out completely as shown on one’s ID card to use other, more modern login methods, but not enough space is given to do so. I can no longer get the “copy certificate” function to work properly, either. In addition, with the old login method, I have to change the default language every time I log in. The settings show English as the default, yet Korean is displayed with every login now.


Easily the worst banking app I’ve had to use, even among the other Korean banks. Nothing makes sense and it’s very cumbersome to use. The only English I can see is the headings. You’ll have to have a decent understanding of Korean to use this app. Everything feels like it was an afterthought.


Ever since this app was updated a few months ago the language never stays in English. I have to the “default” language to English every time I log in. It seems like Citi bank Korea won’t be around much longer but it’s still a big inconvenience.


업데이트 한다고 해서 미국 씨티 모바일 드디어 도입하나 했는데 오히려 더 안좋아진거 같네요.. 수정: 어째 앱이 이상해졌다 싶었는데 결국 철수하는군요..


하고나서 로그인 하려면 서비스오류 바이오 등록을 하기위해 계좌 인증을 시도해도 서비스오류가 뜨고 디지털 otp로 인증하려고하면 계좌인증을 하라고뜨는데 어쩌라는거죠^^ 빠른시일내로 수정해주세요


평점 평균 4.8이요? 0.48 잘못본줄 알았소;; 써 본 은행 어플 중에 제일 구린데 쓸수밖에 없어 쓰는중. 페이스아이디 지원도 안되고 뭐만하면 통신관계 원활하지 않아 어쩌구웅앵. 하나 클릭하면 다음화면 뜰때까지 10초는 기본이고 그 10초 기다려서 뜨기라도 하면 다행ㅜ 미국 씨티은행 어플은 좋은데 이건 진심 개구림 제발 업데이트 좀 하쇼 예?



I’ve been using this app since 2000 something. As getting use, it gets more smart and easier to use. Since last year I’m using iPhone X purchased in the US working. After installing, it appears in English even though it’s Citibank Korea. However, it shows a nice brief summary on my all deposit accounts including credit card, loan etc. Also whenever I pay something by credit cards, it provides a simple and safe transaction way without any personal, full card number information. Just input your own password, easy going transaction. These are pros. The only one cons is that a transaction record showed different wording even at the same shop. It was a transaction at starbucks, some record showed ‘STARBUCKS COFFE’, but some record showed ‘SHUTABEOGSHUKOP’! It was a little bit weird, but could recognize starbucks that I transacted. That’s not a big issue, I guess Citibank Korea will correct someday. Overall I feel satisfaction on this app.


Best banking app


다른 은행앱도 다 사용하지만 시티은행 모바일 앱은 다른 은행앱과 다르게 추가로 더 다운받아야하는 앱도 없고 딱 필요한 것들만 간편하고 쉽게 이용할 수 있도록 되어있어서 편하게 사용하고 있습니다! 특히 지문인식 시스템으로 로그인도 편리하답니다. 혜택 알람 받아서 시티 가족으로 누릴 수 있는 많은 혜택 누릴려고요~


Especially face ID love it!!


If you are outside of Korea, this app is useless. They send security code to a registered phone in Korea by your name. And everything has to be verified by this text messaging code.


간단하고 한 눈에 보이는 씨티 모바일앱 - 로그인을 하면 한 눈에 보이는 뱅킹계좌들은 위 아래로 스크롤하면서 한 눈에 볼 수 있어서 좋은 것 같습니다. - 모바일앱도 인터넷 뱅킹도 같은 형식이어서 더욱 사용하기에 편한 것 같네요. - 소소하지만, 그룹명, 계좌명, 잔액 등의 글자 사이즈를 다르게 하여서 하눈에 금방 파악되네요. -- 다소 아쉬운 것은 어쩔때는 "표"형식으로 나오는 것이 그립기도... - 감짝 놀란 것은, 씨티뱅크 자기소유 계좌끼리 송금시 공인인증서 필요없네요. 편하네요. 여러개 계좌관리시. 여러 기기에서 동일한 포맷을 유지하고 있어서 폰, 컴퓨터 등을 번갈아가면 사용하는데에 전혀 불편함이 없네요. 더 업데이트될 앱의 모습,기능을 기대해봅니다.


사용하기 편하나, 매뉴이동이 불편함


은행과 신용카드가 하나의 앱으로 만들어져 편리합니다.


more convenient than the previous version !!


이전버젼보다 디자인이 좋네요


다 좋은데 캐시백체크카드가 신용이 아니라고 조회가 안 되는게 너무 불편하네요.


카드 사용내역을 좀더 빠르고 자세하게 볼수있어 좋아요. 계좌이체도 간편해졌구요. 다만 절차가 간소화돼서 보안이 좀 염려되는데.. 좀 더 이용해봐야죠