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Expectful took a little me-time. We updated the hometabs for our Preparing to Conceive and Loss users, delivering customized content straight to your fingertips. Plus, we added even more brand new content, including an entire Stories & Interviews section to your Explore tab. And hey, we know some stories and interviews can be tough to hear, so we’ve included new trigger warnings when appropriate.


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Meet Expectful: a haven of holistic care for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. For the healthiest, happiest moms and babies, women need more than prenatal vitamins and ultrasounds. They need care. Truly empowering, anxiety-reducing, community-building care.

So we’ve brought it to life, all in one place with holistic support from fertility through baby’s first year, personalized by you.

Join the hundreds of thousands of women who have relied on Expectful to reduce stress, lower anxiety, improve sleep quality, and bond with their baby.

The journey to mom looks different for each of us, so Expectful does too:

MEDITATION AT THE CENTER: From navigating unknowns to sleepless nights to hypnobirthing, discover week-by-week meditations crafted for every step of your journey to motherhood. On your time, at your fingertips.

LIVE EVENTS + ON-DEMAND CLASSES: From prenatal and postnatal fitness classes to expert Q&As, our exclusive events bring together our community with experiences made for every moment on the path to motherhood.

SUPPORT GROUPS + OFFICE HOURS: A safe haven to share your real-feels. Join drop-in sessions facilitated by experts to learn and meet other hopeful, expecting, and new moms.

EXPERT SERVICES: Thoughtfully curated maternal wellness experts, so you can focus on the hospital bag and leave finding the right fertility support, prenatal nutrition or lactation consultant up to us.

COURSES & RESOURCES: On-demand courses and expert interviews will help you through your fertility journey, explore the power of Hypnobirthing, build your breastfeeding confidence, get you ready to return to work as a new mom, and so much more.

We’re also integrated with Apple Health Kit to help track your minutes meditated over time to help you set your own goals for a regular practice.

Let’s Mother Together. Get started today with a free trial.

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Expectful offers monthly recurring subscriptions starting at $12.99 USD monthly

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I initially got this app in my first trimester to aid in managing anxiety via the guided meditation. The guided meditations were so helpful to connect with myself and my growing baby. I felt grounded. Quickly I signed up for live and recorded events related to fitness and wellness, along with educational courses and virtual sessions to prepare for baby. Two months postpartum and I’m still using Expectful to learn from experts, ask them questions, meditate and work on my postpartum fitness. Expectful is great if your ttc, pregnant or postpartum. It made a huge difference in my overall wellness and connection and preparedness for baby- I will recommend this to anyone!


I’d heard about the app for awhile but was blown away by all the great resources available. The live classes are so helpful. I’m enjoying the daily meditations. Wish I’d gotten it earlier in my pregnancy!


Expectful is the pregnancy app that’s giving me everything I wanted and surprising me with things I didn’t even know I need! I’m a yoga teacher & women’s wellness educator and have found this app useful in expanding upon my knowledge and guiding me gently through my first pregnancy. The movement classes alone are worth the price of subscription, and the meditations are specific for where we are along the pregnancy journey (down to the week and day). The educational resources -articles, courses (including hynobirthing), and professional office hours - are helping me prepare for birth, breastfeeding, postpartum sleep, and even caring for my pelvic floor. I’ve recommended this app to all my pregnant friends and will continue to tell other mamas about it!


I found Expectful when I was pregnant with my first 4 years ago, and I have been a subscriber since! I have benefited greatly through 2 pregnancies and postpartum journeys (1 experience being twins!) from the meditations and content provided. This app is amazing, thank you for making great content!


I used Expectful when I was pregnant and still using it after baby’s appearance. It’s like taking a 20 minute vacation!


LOVE this app! Love the daily pregnancy meditations and that they tell me how far I’ve come! (Not an estimate of how many days I have left!) the meditations are soothing and quick so I don’t feel pressured to find time to do them. The classes are AMAZING-the teachers are knowledgeable and kind! Love it!


My transition into motherhood was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I’m grateful for this app as a resource to validate and help me work through my struggles


I’ve been using this app for a couple of months and have enjoyed all the resources it’s provided me. Expectedly has kept me ground and connected to this important moment of my life.


It has been a great companion during my pregnancies!


I have recently started to use this app for a couple of weeks now after my friend recommended to me. Only three weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, and I was feeling very overwhelmed with my emotions and anxiety, and my friend told me this app helped her tremendously. I’ve been absolutely loving it! The guided meditations to connect with your baby, the sleep meditations to help you sleep, the information of what’s happening with the baby every week, and the informational videos have been just amazing. I recommend using this app to everyone; it’s absolutely worth it to pay for the subscription!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app! It’s perfect for any stage of motherhood. Even pregnancy and pregnancy loss! Wouldn’t use another app if I had to! I pay for the annual I’ve been using this app since I had my son and I’ve never stopped using it. Everything about this meditation app is put together so perfectly it’s definitely worth the money! I highly recommend it I’d give it 1000 stars if I could!


I have been using Expectful to guide me through TTC, then using IVF, and now well into my third trimester and it has been an incredibly supportive resource during the entire journey. I will use it into motherhood too. I was already a regular meditator before hand but i don’t think you have to be to enjoy it. it’s just so nice to have guided meditations for each week of pregnancy or specifically tailored to the anxious beginnings of TTC. The work out videos and live content is refreshingly home grown feeling as the company employs other moms and pregnant people to provide the content which i really appreciate. There are a ton of resources around hypnobirthing, lactation and safe/gentle fitness content that does not feel like “mommy culture” or overly marketed in a way that other platforms do it. 10/10 recommend to any woman looking for support in a holistic environment.


Expectful is a wonderful resource to use during pregnancy and even postpartum. It has helped keep me calm and relaxed ever since starting to use it. I feel more knowledgeable going into birth having used this app and also closer to my baby.


Lots of great workouts and workshops. The meditations are very insightful. I highly recommend.


I can’t say enough great things about this app! I only wish I would have found it sooner!!!! The meditations and all the extras are phenomenal!!


I came across Expectful as a vendor at a conference during Black Maternal Mental Health Week. Since this is my first pregnancy, I’ve been looking for all the support I can find. Expectful has been the best part of this journey. The amount of support and care offered is invaluable. Although I still have some anxiousness, the meditations and live sessions offer so much comfort. I recommend Expectful regardless of where you are in your motherhood journey.


I truly don’t know where I would be without the support of this app. I took the hypnobirthing course which helped me immensely for my labor and delivery. The daily meditations also helped me navigate my perinatal anxiety. Postpartum was incredibly difficult for me and this app was one of the beacons of lights that led me out of the darkness. I now use it during my exclusive pumping sessions as a moment of me time. Also, the virtual sound machines are so helpful in a pinch when my little one is having a meltdown and we aren’t near our regular sound machine. This app is worth every penny. Thank you for helping moms everywhere!


This is the best app for postpartum and wish I had known about it during my pregnancy! I loved the live movement classes, the educational mini courses and the guided meditations. Was a perfect companion to the many hours of breastfeeding in the early postpartum days. Also customer service quickly and easily resolved a billing/account error. I have told so many mamas about this app- spread the word!


This app is beautiful. The daily mediations, geared to *exactly* where you are in your pregnancy and the hypnobirthing course (I’d pay for that alone) have instilled so much confidence and calmness in me. I only wish I’d discovered this earlier in my pregnancy. Feature request: It would be lovely if the app added a breastfeeding course as well. I’d definitely continue to pay for it well past labor if so


Can’t say how good the app is because nothing was available for free. I understand they need to make money somehow, but literally everything required a subscription. Gotta leave some breadcrumbs if you want me to follow…