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Thanks for using coParenter! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features to help you be the best coParent you can be. For this release, we have made some major updates based on your feedback. - New Login Flow - Overall code clean up under the hood to improve performance across the board. Please email with any issues or suggestions.


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We know coParenting can be hard. That’s why the coParenter app helps you save time, money, and stay out of court by helping you focus on what’s important: being the best parent you can be.

Download an introductory FREE 30-day trial of the coParenter app and start using these awesome features to stay organized, communicate effectively, and keep your kids as healthy & happy as possible:

Unlimited on-demand coParenting Mediation and One-on-One Coaching
– Connect with a live, qualified, coParenter Mediator who can help you and your coParent reach agreements
– Get one-on-one coaching to help you make better decisions for you and your children
– During the FREE trial period, you are limited to two coParenter Mediation sessions. Subscribe to get UNLIMITED sessions with our qualified Mediators.

Parenting Plan & Calendars
– Work with a coParenter Mediator or Do-It-Yourself, just answer a few questions in the app to create a parenting plan and calendar on your own
– Stay on top of and modify your parenting plans, holidays, and vacations
– Track and schedule same-day visits

coParenting Messenger
– Instant, direct, and organized, allowing you to focus on what’s important
– Ensures messages can’t be edited or deleted
– Focus on child-centric, positive coParenting with filters to help you avoid conflict

coParenting Requests
– Make schedule requests such as parenting time and extracurricular activities
– Agree on day-to-day coParenting decisions like haircuts, hygiene, diet, media, allowance, etc
– Creates a record of your agreements to help you both focus on your kids

Expense Tracking and Reimbursements
– Track and request expense reimbursements and make agreements on spending decisions

Child Exchange Check-Ins
– Create a secure record of your pick-ups and drop-offs to avoid conflict
– Verifiable proof of time, date, and location with a non-trackable, geo-tagged notifications

We know coParenting can be hard; we’re here to make it easier. Download coParenter and get the support you need to help your kids live a happier, healthier life. Try it out with our FREE 30-day trial.


coParenter offers four auto-renewing subscription options:

Monthly Plan – $12.99 per month. (Billed monthly)
Annual Plan – $9.99* per month. (*Billed as one $119.99 payment annually)
Shared Monthly Plan – $19.99 per month for two users. (Billed Monthly)
Shared Annual Plan – $16.67** per month for two users. (**Billed as one $199.99 payment annually)

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your coParenter subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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I signed up for this app solely for the “mediation” aspect. There was absolutely no mediation though. It was an open chat with my high conflict ex with no support or ground rules. Occasionally, the “mediator” would link articles from the internet about how to handle conflict. Then they would ask us if we had reached an agreement. At one point my ex said that they should be able to “call me out as they see fit and then walk away.” The mediator actually put this into their next agreement and acted shocked that i would not agree. Clearly, that session was not mediated. Much less monitored. On top of that, nothing in that “mediation” is court admissible. What this app has done is given my abuser a safe place to harass me once again. Without consequence. I signed up for this app because I thought I would receive help and support. Instead, it gave free license to my abuser to, once again, abuse me. When I contacted the app to report the issue I was told that they saw nothing wrong with the session. I pointed out the name calling, inflammatory language, and the fact that their mediator actually put some of it into an agreement. I was told that they “didn’t see those parts”. The person reviewing my session didn’t even read the whole thing!!! Unacceptable is putting it mildly.


The notification bubble never goes away! Seems like it has been an issue for months, and still not fixed. The very basics for communication and calendars are very difficult in this app.


You would think an app that charges more than the cost of an Amazon Prime Membership would at least work… that was not the case in the 20 minutes I spent trying to set the app up. That’s gonna be a nope from me… Fix the app and I “might” raise the rating


I have paid for an annual membership since 2019. There have been ups and downs with this app. Most recently the rollover schedule did not transfer correctly and now our custody weeks are off on the calendar. I have contacted support 4 times with no responses. Usually they have responded within a day but nothing this time.


Please fix your app. It doesn’t update when a message has been read and continuously shows on the Home Screen that there is an unread message. Please fix.


This app is dangerous if you’re a domestic violence victim. The mediators are poorly trained and the interface makes it easy for your coparent to avoid communication and make threats.


This APP is Useless!!! NO SpellCheck!!! No Return Button!! Curser never appears or works properly, Terrible support system! I would strongly NOT recommend this APP!! Its a Comm App and they can’t even get the fundamentals of user interface down!!! Truly pathetic. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼


This update just ruined the app for me. It Deleted half my child’s shared info, have random coparents with no name on my account, can’t see which one is my actual coparent... very unhappy and probably switching to a different app


Not intuitive interface.


Ive set up an account, wont let me login, tried to reset the password ..... sends reset to email but when i try new password still says error incorrect and wont login


The calendar user face on this app is absolutely horrible. I’ve tried at great lengths to cancel my subscription, but that is equally as difficult. Don’t waste your money or time!


Not only am I dealing with a father whom has has suicidal tendencies/history of absconding child from mother for up to 9 months. Documented rape in front of child and domestic violence history (choking me in front of child).... I now have to deal with an app that probably has interns (and not the brightest at that) to be get this... mediators. Not only do I not get help. One asked me to not contact child daily and check in the app weekly in businesslike correspondence to assist and ease the communication.... America having a child is a business and being emotionless is the norm to get things done now. Are these robots mandated reporters? This is such a snowball of a joke. How exactly was this supposed to play out. Not only have I not received empathetic assistance. I’m reduced to a guinnie pig environment of trial and error (mostly error) and passed along as a text message rather than sound advice from professionals. If this wasn’t court ordered I’d delete it in a heart beat. Waste of money/ emotional rollercoater/ and above all no visible expertise found anywhere. Goodluck you are all in for an awakening of a lifetime. Ask the courts or attorneys to give you better options... this is definitely not it. You are welcome


This app needs a lot of work, I cannot believe I can’t renew my monthly subscription, it’s almost as they want you to pay The yearly, which is ridiculous that you guys have the different plans yet when you go with the cheaper one which in this case is a monthly payment, suddenly the “app is having problems and can’t get this subscription added” truly shameful, cannot get someone to talk over the phone and send several emails now., Terrible way to manage this app!


The calendar was very difficult to use. Also, texts often did not delivery after sending them, which obviously causes big problems when dealing with a difficult spouse. Very disappointed in this app.


It’s not allowing me to put our parenting schedule in.


I downloaded this app in hopes to help streamline some communication and get help in my co-parenting issues. I have had NOTHING but trouble. And to make matters worse my co-parent right off the bat told Me we couldn’t co-parent via an app and this experience just proved him right! There is a red indicator telling me I have three messages but I can’t find them anywhere. I submitted a request for help and then the app locked me out for three days. When I was finally able to open the app there was only one message in the help section that read closed for duplicate. Then this morning I open it and there is another message saying closed for no response. I am not technically challenged. I manage application development for a living. At best this is not intuitive for the user. At worst it is just plain BROKEN! Co-parenting is stressful and you advertise as a useful, helpful tool and this has been detrimental.


I got the app set up, and got my son’s dad so sign up. Everything worked fine until I tried to create a schedule. The app keeps “timing out” and crashing. The schedule is the whole reason I downloaded the app in the first place. I reached out to customer service twice. I haven’t gotten a rely. My original help request was 2.5 days ago, and it’s supposed to take 24 hours.


I made the account and my ex finally accepted. It says my connection timed out every time I try to view the calendar and holiday schedule she set up. I try to contact support and it says there is no email attached (I signed up with my email) this review is the only way I can think of to get someone to help


Been using the app for a month or two... had been fine for me but the other parent claimed she couldn’t use it anymore bc the app crashes when you click into messaging. It now does that to me too. Since this was our primary reason for using the app, it’s now useless for us. I’ve removed and reloaded the app with no improvement.


It does not work. Waited for customer support to get back to me to help me with sign up they never did. Waist of time and phone space