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- Ford: fix for rare issue after programming specific ROMs


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This app requires an EcuTek Bluetooth Vehicle Interface to connect to your car’s ECU. These are available from EcuTek Tuners. Find your nearest one at If you don’t have an interface, run the demo mode within the app to see ECU Connect in action.

ECU Connect is the free companion app to the new pocket-size Bluetooth Vehicle Interface produced by specialist tuning firm EcuTek Technologies.

Once you have purchased your EcuTek Vehicle Interface, plug it into your car’s OBD vehicle diagnostic socket, pair it with your phone in the app and you will open up a whole new world of enjoyment with your car.

With ECU Connect, you can receive and program in a tuned file from one of our EcuTek Master Tuners just with your phone. No laptop, no wires, no fuss. Just create an account in the app, select the tuner you want to work with, and you are ready to receive the tuned file. Discuss with your tuner what you want to achieve from the tune and once the file has been created, you will receive a notification that the file is ready. Go to Program ECU, select the file and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s as easy as that. All that’s left is for you to enjoy the car!
For more details on programming your car’s ECU with ECU Connect go to

Your EcuTek Tuner can also set up some unique RaceROM features which allows you to control and adjust some aspects of the tune with your phone: Launch RPM; Traction Control settings; boost and torque levels; switch between different set ups such as track mode, economy mode, fast road and flexfuel on the fly. These are just some of the example set ups. Speak to your EcuTek Master Tuner and discuss with them what you’d like. There are lots of options to choose from.

For a list of supported models together with their ECU Connect Features go to

Whether your car is tuned on EcuTek or not, with ECU Connect you can instantly see how your engine is performing as you drive it (even if the car is not officially supported, ECU Connect provides basic support for most cars using generic OBD2 CAN communication protocol available on nearly all vehicles manufactured from 2008 onwards). You can view and log any parameter the ECU records and even create unlimited personalised dashboards if you want to monitor specific groups of parameters. Save and send these logs direct from the app to your tuner. You can also record GPS coordinates in the log files, so you can see what was happening at any given point on your logging run (very useful on track days).




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Left me stranded, thanks….


After recent update the app no longer recognizes the car.


Bought the ecutek dongle thinking it would let me change my maps spent 300 dollars for it not to even work waste of money


This app allows me to do so much it’s beyond my comprehension why it is so good


Can you guys make a widget for iOS that shows your datalogging peripherals in Home Screen? That would be super useful. Especially monitoring if VVT is on and etc..


Love the app but would like to see the dashboard support landscape view.


370z - happened after update


Dont want to put 1 star because hopefully this gets fixed soon and dont want the devs to get a bad rep for something that will be fixed hopefully soon, but the app simply isnt opening, showing loading screen then crashes over and over again


There was an update at some point that required me to create a passcode. Since then, it says that there’s a firmware update. After asking if I wanted to update, and selecting no not now, it says I have to update to use the app. So I did it. Now it’s stuck in a repeating cycle, saying there’s a firmware update available, and that I’ve already updated. It won’t let me continue.


Most the features is not working doing afr reading its showing only V ???? Does it not support the nissan juke or pulsar??


I just did the new 3.12.10 update and my dashboard won’t open.


I love this app but apple car play would make it that much better!


Hello. Can you please add a feature. Being able to edit the dashboard without being in car and on.


1. Dashboard needs to viewable in tablets landscape view. Many enthusiasts have them mounted in that orientation. 2. Bluetooth dongle makes 370Z OE alarm transmitter useless. Many report this issue on forums. Range down to 3’ at best from 25’+ before.


Great app i’ve been using it on my phone for about a year now and recently got an ipad to run all my parameters off of, but the gauges are only available for portrait and my ipad is permanently mounted landscape. is there any plan to support landscape in the future? would be 5/5 stars if it supported landscape


Has since been updated and it works flawlessly, great customer service by ecutek. When I first got the Bluetooth dongle for my 13 gtr everything was working perfect, went into the app today click on my car and it will attempt to detect a vehicle 5 seconds later it says vehicle not detected (make sure ignition switch is on) Uninstalled and re installed the app, as well as the Bluetooth set up and still doesn’t detect the vehicle hopefully someone form ecuteck can help me out


After recent update/firmware the app fails to detect my Nissan GTR. Contacted ECUtek support.


Getting a EVI update failed msg and can’t get into the ecutek tune. —————- After a few re tried it finally worked


This app is worth every penny. Works perfect with my 370z.


Lol bms makes you pay for their trashy app and this app still blows them away. Great job guys.