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Kiio Mobile® works hand in hand with you to get you back to doing what you love. As a registered member of one of Kiio’s innovative employer or insurance partners, you have free access anytime, anywhere to an interactive, personalized care plan to dramatically improve your health.

For example, 86% of participants with low back pain have effectively learned to manage their pain using Kiio Mobile®, with an average improvement of over 50%!

Kiio Mobile® is your virtual coach, guiding you through exercises and educational content, providing 1:1 coaching access, and keeping you informed with timely alerts. Your active participation and response to feedback questions determine your progress through your care program and delivery of new content.

Kiio Mobile® works hand in hand with you so that you can enjoy the important stuff – living your life.




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Thx for skipping break in between exercises-there is a glitch in a couple of exercises in which it starts to count or ends or intros counts then stops. Rest period is laughable as it resumes within 5 sec but overall we really like it.


The app is great. The daily reminders are very helpful and keeps me coming back. The exercises are easy to follow and you get a choice of short or long sessions. Would recommend.


I have already started to feel better and I’ve done 8 sessions. I wish there was a way to skip the preview for all exercises with one button for all. After doing the same exercise for 8 days, I don’t need a preview anymore!


Enjoying the work outs


But the app is really flaky. They need to fix the bugs!


I'm definitely doing the exercises. I'm self motivated because I need my back to work better! But this app is terrible. I hope my insurance company isn't being charged much for it. 1. Interface was written by a committee: too busy with little focus on what's important at a particular time. 2. words everywhere on that home page with little showing you how to start the exercise. 3. kind numbingly bad canned "atta-boy" messages in a fake email-like interface. stupid. 4. videos would be cool, but they only show one side of the exercise, not left *and* right. 5. too much security. this is an exercise app, not a bank account. forced updates? really? I'm surprised you didn't force me to write positive reviews while we are at it. 6. stepping through the parts of the routine is annoying: skipping the preview doesn't go straight to the exercise. there are 15 seconds to switch sides when it's just a matter of starting on the other side. 7. every single set requires you to check-in. does this make your back feel better? or not? review as a whole would be simpler. sure hope this is rewritten by a professional. get a UI expert involved or fire the one you have.


I use the app mainly on my iPad and when I open it on my iPhone 12 it freezes. Happens all the time. Just started using 3 weeks ago.


All is good


The exercise routine is good, the medical advice and information provided is good, the app has bugs. When enabling the voice control and voice prompts it does not respond properly it also interferes with other device operations.


The exercises are good. The app needs improvement. It forgets me in one day and have to start over which is annoying. The voice command feature is so glitchy I don’t use it.


Update 2/3/21: App has immediately crashed upon opening for 2 weeks. Great exercises, appreciate the pacing and verbal directions. I don’t really like how the core awareness/strength is left out of short versions of workouts. One major thing that would improve the app is to allow music or podcasts to play simultaneously!


Keeps me motivated and finishing all the exercises rather than going off a paper and not completely finishing all exercises


Also endless problems logging in. My cheapass insurance won’t pay for chiropractic: have problems with sacrum/left hip following ankle surgery & collateral consequences of no weight bearing 6 weeks etc. That issue much worse after doing this program. Some of the exercises are ok, some are terrible for my issue. General lack of specific instruction on how to do each exercise is problematic. Extremely disappointed I fell for their email and made myself 75% worse than when I started. My issue was not due to lack of regular movement or not knowing how to exercise or stretch ( and the lack of instruction here would not educate a novice) which is what this seems to be aimed at. The knowledge segments are not informative unless you start out knowing nothing


Easy way to get 7 min of stretching done in the morning. App is a bit robotic but once you get the hang of it, it is fine. I did have it glitch once on me and once it would not open so I deleted it. My sign on still worked so I didn’t lose my progress. I feel better since doing the exercises almost daily.


Very beneficial to me for maintaining lower back flexibility and comfort. The app does occasionally glitch, not registering my touch, which prevents me from finishing (and getting credit for) the daily program.


The most recent update from yesterday causes the app to crash upon startup so I can't use the app anymore. On IOS 12. Please fix so I can continue my daily exercises!


I will be eternally grateful to the developers of this amazing program. Before participating in the program, I honestly thought I had to live with the back pain I sustained years ago. However, I slept really well just a week after joining the program. The improvements are unbelievable. I am glad to recommend this program to anyone interested in saying goodbye to low back pain. The app is user friendly people!


I think the stretches are helping, but it’s hard to tell at this time. I like the way you can see the exercises and each exercise is timed well. Overall the app encourages me and gives me hope I can build strength to ward off my lower back pain.


Helpful but not sure my form is correct


The app won't open and requires you to sign in, but no place to sign in. Don't waste your time down loading. There should be a zero rating