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Thanks for using the 1FBUSA mobile app. Version 1.70.0 includes a required security change. We make regular updates to our app to improve your experience and make it faster and more reliable. If you experience any issues downloading or updating 1FBUSA Mobile, please contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-733-1732, between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CT, Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT excluding Federal holidays.


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You can manage your accounts 24/7 right from your mobile device.

Manage your 1st Financial Bank USA (1FBUSA) account:
• Make a Credit Card Payment
• Monitor balances and activity on your 1FBUSA Credit Card and/or Prepaid Card Accounts
• Use the Apple Watch app to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone and sync content from 1FBUSA Mobile and other apps from your iPhone to Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will then be able to display all of the Credit Card information that you can see on your iPhone, including Current Balance, Available Credit, Minimum Payment Due, and more.
• Contact Customer Service

1FBUSA specializes in providing quality credit card and financial services to college students and college graduates nationwide. Services are available 24/7, with online banking through our website and mobile app. 1FBUSA also provides construction lending to builders, developers, and investors, as well as community banking services in South Dakota.




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The app logs me out every time I try to pay my bill


I hate this institution. The app and website are horrible. I go to make a payment on my credit card bill and the payment completely disappears from the pending payments page. I go to payment history and it says it was processed. Nothing changes, and my available credit is still the same as it was before I payed. The money just disappears and I’m left with a payment processed but no payment ever goes through. Then when I think it’s behind me I go to buy something on my regular card and then I get hit with the insufficient funds fee. This bank is a lying institution who basically steals your money. The app either glitches and doesn’t display money or this bank is stealing.


App feels like it was designed by high school students who developed and released their very first app. Constant glitches. Feels like it hasn’t been updated since it was first released. On top of that, just a terrible company too. Ive been with this bank for nearly 15 years, paid every single balance on time and it does ZILCH for its customers. My balance for this CC is the lowest amongst my CCs yet the interest rate is through the roof. Absolutely ridiculous. If you are researching banks, go with just about ANY other bank. Just don’t settle for 1st Financial. You’ll regret it.


This is by far the WORST experience I’ve ever had with a banking company. I can’t begin to describe how terrible the service is. It is very out dated, the app will NOT WORK!! THIS APP DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!! Don’t bother ever calling them either because for some reason they’re in denial about the app not working even though there are many reviews over the YEARS saying it is terrible. Opening an account with this bank was definitely one of the biggest mistakes ever ever made.


App needs to be updated for user friendliness. Every time I try to log in, the system glitches and I have a very hard time using the app. It’s a hassle that I have to retreat to the web instead of its advertised convenience to the customer.


Cannot log in. App keeps glitching.


The app is horrible and the customer service is nothing but rude and have no respect.


I really hate to be the person that tells other people how to do their jobs. I just find it incredibly frustrating that every time I try to log in, I receive a notice that my information is incorrect. I try the forgot password option and enter my personal info there and I STILL receive a “information is incorrect “ error. So then I call because I end up locking myself out and having to reset everything. I even try to set it up for the “save username” and it doesn’t even do that. Every time I call, I ask them if they have my personal information correct and we double check and it is. So I’m unsure if it’s me, i do write my passwords down, or what. I never had this issue until this past year and I just do not understand. Please fix whatever issue this is or advice on what I should be doing. Thank you for your time.


Still having the same issues as noted in reviews since July of last year. App does not remember username even I enable that every time I sign. Enabling FaceID isn’t helpful when the next time I open the app, it forgot my username and FaceID won’t work.


This has to be one of the most annoying apps out there. I pretty much love everything else about it except for the fact that every single time I open the app I have to re-login. WHY is there even an option to save my username and Touch ID info if it does not even work!!! Like what is the point?? Please fix this issue bc I like the actual credit card but I hate using the app >:(


It doesn’t work half the time and I don’t know when my bills are due. It looks horrible. The personal images look straight out of windows 95. The card is fine, but the app is almost unusable.


Every single time I open up the app I have to re-enter my username and password even though I have it set up to remember my username and use Face ID. It’s very frustrating.


What’s the point of saving your login name or biometrics if they get wiped from the app every couple of days?! Right now I can’t even access the app because each time I enter my login information it either freezes or sends me back to the beginning to enter everything all over again. This app is junk! 😠


I tried to login to the app and it glitched out multiple times. I went to delete and re download and tried to log back in and it said my information was wrong. I tried to reset my password and after 1 attempt with information I know for 100% fact is correct it locked me out of my account. Extremely disappointed. I’ve had my card for 4 years and always paid on time and am being caused unnecessary stress because this company made an awful app and keep updating it making it worse each time.


The app itself is fine. What’s annoying is the fact that almost every time you’re logging into it you’re having to update it. It’s inconvenient and bothersome, honestly.


God this app is terrible you need to just take it down!


Every single time I try to use the app, I have to update it. Why bother making an app, just send us to the website.


This app is the worst by far. Can’t even open it to pay my card due to the fact the face unlock is glitched in an infinite loop of on and off, making the screen flash and I can’t touch anything else. By far best app I’ve used (sarcasm)


You login and your screen flashes and then logs you out. Needs to be updated really well and fix the bugs .


Worst financial app in the history of financial apps...had to give it one star as that’s the only way I could move forward. Zero Stars is more like it!!!!