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Super high-quality prints & a simple, user-friendly app.

era makes it easy to get all your favorite print formats in a square or rectangular version, each with an option to add a 1/4″ white border, starting at $0.39 per print.

+ 4X4 and 4X6
+ 5X5 and 5X7
+ 8X8 and 8X10
+ ‘Vintage’ – 3.5X3.5 and 3.5X4.6

We believe your prints should look great, feel great, and last for generations. Simply add photos from any album on your phone or import from Instagram.

What can you expect with era?
+ Professional, lab-quality prints (Seriously they’re awesome!)
+ Simple, intuitive ordering process
+ Built-in photo editor to adjust and enhance your photos
+ Flat rate shipping ($3.95) to avoid a checkout surprise

Want to know something cool?
Select any combination of squares or rectangles and era will auto-detect them. Default format for prints is 4X4 and 4X6, select different formats individually or globally from the ‘Size & Quantity’ screen.




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I was excited to find an affordable place to print my photos. The app is straight forward and easy to use. However, the app glitches and changes the cropping of your photos without you touching them. If you click on the crop button on the photo, it’ll open to what your photo is supposed to look like. Once you exit, the cropping is reset to how it’s supposed to look. I fixed all of my photos that this happened to and placed my order. When my order came in, six of the nine photos were cropped the wrong way. I emailed era once they came in and sent photos of how they were ordered and how they came in. Their customer service hadn’t heard of this or seen this before and said they would pass it on to someone “with more technical knowledge” that afternoon and would get back to me with a more detailed response. That was almost two months ago. I haven’t heard anything and even emailed them with screen recording of what I’m talking about and mentioned that I haven’t heard from them. Still no word. I’m upset they haven’t done anything to replace my photos or fix the app at all. It’s still cropping incorrectly, so I will be moving on to another company.


I was charged twice and my photos weren’t uploading to the printer. After some frustrating moments I got an email saying they noticed my order hadn’t gone through. When I replied explaining that I had been charged twice they cancelled an order and were able to help me get my photos through. Note: when sending out the order to print there’s a notice that says don’t close the app. It really means don’t navigate away from the app. Even if it was running in the background while I did other things it didn’t work. Also I have crazy slow internet so it took about a minute per photo to send out.


era has officially become my new "go to" when it comes to getting prints! Hands down the best quality of prints I've experienced and the app makes it really easy, even fun to place an order. I've already placed 3 or 4 orders and can't wait for more!


Huge fan of era prints. I've gotten two orders with them so far. The quality of the prints is noticeably different / better than other apps I've used and way better than getting them done at the corner store. The app is super easy to use, I love the photo editor and love how easily I can select different formats (squares!!!) and borders...


Huge fan of era- as it delivers the quality of prints I've been looking for. The app is really easy to use (love the built in photo editor) and the prints themselves are incredible. Hands down the best quality of prints I've found. Will be a repeat customer for sure!


Another great product from Timeshel Co. great quality, easy to use, and strong corner service


Easily the best photo printing app I've used. I ordered some prints to give as gifts for Christmas and could not be happier. The quality is amazing! The app is super easy to use as well and the built in photo editor is such a nice feature. Now I just need an excuse to order more prints!


The quality is excellent! Accurate color matching, etc. I tried Wallgreens photo delivery awhile back, and the colors were way off - faces looked more orange than Donald Trump at sunset. Also, the shipping is a flat rate, so it doesn't matter how many photos you buy - and it's one of the cheapest shipping rates out there from what I've seen.


Era has become my go-to for quick prints from my phone. The quality is great and I love that I can get multiple formats since I crop my pics sometimes.


I have no complaints about this app. It's easy to use, it has a great, fluid, non-confusing interface, and the editor is classy and sophisticated. Definitely recommend.


Does not work, despite the 'rave' reviews.....


Love Era! Quality pictures! Great and convenient way to print and hold onto lasting memories!


Finally someone got mobile printing right! App is beautiful & easy to use, prints are high quality and delivery is fast. Can't ask for more!


Finally a simple to use app for custom prints with easy to use editing tools. Prices are great, and the quality of the prints exceeded my expectations. Now maybe I'll finally use all these empty frames I have in the closet.


This app has solved all the things I haven't liked about ordering prints online. Easy to use yet highly customizable edit features, the sizes I want, and the prices are more than reasonable for the quality of the product theory deliver. Extremely satisfied so far.


Absolutely fantastic. Great quality prints easily. Intuitive interface, clear pricing without a bunch of add on fees. Finally I can order prints from an app that doesn't leave me feeling like I need a shower afterwards.


The prints are INCREDIBLE! Amazing prices for quality prints of my favorite photos. Super user friendly and quick.


Love this so much. I used it to build a gallery wall in my apartment of various sized travel prints. It took me less than ten minutes to choose, edit, and order everything I needed for way less than I was expecting for this. The prints are beautiful and exactly what I needed.


I can now ditch my old printer the only app I've found with no minimums so I can order as many prints as I want. Super easy to use app that gets my photos out of my phone and printing without wasting a ton of time.


I just got my prints from era, they're great quality and completely shame all other competition I.e cvs prints or something that's also cheap and easy. I paid practically nothing for super high quality perfectly bordered and cropped images off my iPhone. They came in the mail quickly and now I have physical photographs to decorate with or give as gifts. It's fun to have your images as real prints and reminds me of the disposable camera days 💯💯💯