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The Gale App was designed to connect people to care… and pay them the same-day!

Why Gale?

Because nurses are working short-staffed and people are going without care.

Named after Florence Nightingale, the Gale App empowers clinicians by putting the agency in your hand. Choose when and where you want to work. Get paid within hours after your shift… after every shift, 365 days a year.

Connect to thousands of open shifts in over 35 states.
Choose the shifts that fit your personal schedule.
Upload your timeslip after the shift to get paid the same day!
Store all your credentials in one secure place.
Easy access to help whenever you need with 24/7 customer service.

Are you ready to join the 20,000+ healthcare professionals who choose to #UseGale?

If you have not already applied with us, please visit “” to start your application today!




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Very time consuming sign up and the app freezes/ crashes constantly. A facility I work at through another agency app asked me to sign up with this company so I tried. App shows no available shifts. It turns out they don’t let you work something that’s not within 45 miles of your home. Limits the work pool for the facilities they sign up but I’m sure they have a reason for it. Unless you are in a major city, don’t waste your time signing up and giving out all your personal info and every single immunization you’ve ever had.


There needs to be an update on how we receive notifications. I miss out on new shifts because I have shifts from a week ago. I get so many notifications a day, but by the time I’m able to look at them I can’t because of old ones.


Tracking you when your not at work. I never worked for an agency who goes above to track your every movement (even when you at home with no intention to work)) and at the same time you go thru so much filing out a time slip. Just track my location and ask the nurse supervisor it could all be so simple. I also encourage everybody to check your shift for late calls and look up gale definition of a late call.. if it’s 8pm and gale sends you a notification at 8:04 about a shift that same day for 7pm-7am and you get there in 20 minutes that is a late call … they will try to discredit that… that’s outside of the bugs in this app


The purpose of this app is to schedule shifts and see your shifts. I have booked shifts and then they will not appear in the schedule. The clock in and out feature is not always available when it should be even with a good connection and updated and on always allow. It would be nice to not have to submit a paper timesheet and if they would allow a signature on the app instead . I also don’t like that if you have your location set to allow while using for privacy concerns the app doesn’t work correctly and a screen will pop up every few minutes while in the app for you to change it instead of just appearing once. Also the inbox gets full quickly with the same request to work and does not go away after the time has passed for that shift.It also gets full with notes without the full shift details in the message. If booked for a shift then cancelled and you book another shift it states that you are already booked at this time even though it shows the shift strike out and cancelled.


I can’t even login, I’ve deleted and downloaded a few times and still not working!!!


My only suggestion is having other available shifts show immediately after a cancellation. By FAR my first choice for scheduling work. I’m paid by the time I pull into my parking lot! LOVE ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾


I have worked for Gale for 5 years. 24/7/365 DAILY PAY. Unlimited shifts, always available OT. I worked for Gale in Ohio and Florida. You book your shifts on the app. At the end of the shift, take a pic of your timesheet. Always daily pay. Work when you want. If I have a light bill or cell phone bill, I work a shift and get paid. I work for several agencies but Gale is definitely my main job. I try to get overtime every week. They have 100+ facilities to choose from in the market where I live.


The app freezing up a lot. Although it is easy to use. It always freezes up when I check my inbox of the jobs that are posted with my availability. I always have to get out of the app and try again. This should be fixed.


I can't even log in!


36 hours maximum trust that . limited facilities and hours no overtime and just be ready for bad customer service waiting time and facilities that’s rude nasty and will dnr if you blink wrong and if you call gale for help you s.o.l. Run run Cna in Michigan not worth it


Wonderful customer service very nice lady and helpful😀 Ms Alicia Campbell


Alicia Campbell was fast , kind, and solved my issues flawlessly! Customer service was phenomenal , she made a good impression being that this was my first interaction with their team over the phone.


Alicia Campbell was very helpfully on my call today. Was able to answer my questions and help figure out some issues with my Gale app!! Thanks!!


I was having problems with my app and was able to have Alicia Campbell help me. She is amazing and quickly resolved my problems.


Hello there so I been calling Gale all week about a situation I got going on and everybody was blowing me off all week until I met Alicia Campbell who really took her time and try to resolve my situation I can really tell she’s a genuine person and she really care about helping the customer and for that I say THANK YOU Alicia Campbell for caring and showing empathy.


Alicia was fantastic! Professional, courteous and CALLED me back when situation was taken care of!!!! Thank You, Alicia


Alicia is amazing. She isVery personable, professional, hard-working and a dedicated employee to Gale.She has helped me several times with payroll and scheduling my shifts. She is definitely a great asset to the Gale company!! Rodney Barron LPN


I have worked for this Company Since 2018 as an Staff LPN, I had to call in late due to an power outage , Alicia the on call customer service staffing coordinator was so helpful, kind and considerate. I would recommend this Company , App and service to anyone looking for employment or staffing needs.


Alicia Campbell the rep at gale was really helpful in getting my issue resolved in the early morning hours. Thank a lot!


Alicia Campbell was very professional very teachable and understanding fixed my situation what no issues I want to thank her for everything wish I could talk to her with my situation every time