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- Performance updates - Various bug fixes - Couple of added Easter eggs


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Get on your motorcycle and race through the traffic in the sci-fi metropolis with high-speed! Overcome all of your opponents, reach the maximum speed, collect coins, upgrade your bike’s abilities to be the King of the highway!

32 Secs: Traffic Rider is guarantee a fantastic race in a not-so-far-future where the bikes rush with incredible speed and break up the asphalt! This Traffic Rider game is quite different than any other bike games! If you want to get a sneak-peek to the future, if you like to race without limits, if you enjoy the challenges the 32 Secs: Traffic Rider will be your favourite motorcycle racing game!

32 sec is a motorcycle race game with amazing sci-fi looking environment. Ride on futuristic high-speed bikes and test your racer skills in heavy traffic on the crowded highways! Rush and take your best to overcome your opponents but be careful and don’t crash your bike! In this awesome motorcycle race you can drive as fast as possible by using nitro and turbo zones! In 32 secs: Traffic Rider the highway where you can race is grip like Asphalt!

Try different futuristic bikes on sci-fi looking highways, upgrade your vehicle and be the fastest traffic rider in this rapid rush! Improve your racer skills and reflexes in heavy traffic, avoid enemy’s bikes, beat other racers but take care of your bike! Try to become a master in this hard race! Upgrade your bike to get higher speed and exact handling, use boosts to be the most skillful Traffic Rider on the city highways and win the race! Compete against time and other riders. Discover the glowing, futuristic highway, find every boost and collect as many coins as you can to upgrade your motorcycle and reach unthinkable high speed! Unlock new garages, customize your bike, make it faster, harder, upgrade all abilities to the max level and you will be able to overtake everybody!

Let’s take a deep breath, get on your bike and be ready to rush! Ride as fast as you can, dominate the highway, enjoy the high-speed race in heavy traffic, watch out for the civilians in the rush, but don’t get easy with the opponent racers! Play every day and get your daily reward!

In 32 Secs: Traffic Rider’s world the race with time is everyday struggle!
Are you ready to put on your racing suit, smash your rivals, master the traffic rush, collect your earnings and make your way to the last zone of the monumental metropolis?
NOW you can be free in the traffic, it’s allowed to do anything what you want to, no rules, no speed limits, just go ahead full throttle and enjoy the speed!
Let’s ride on your bike and start the race!

* Keep going through the turbo zones for maxiumum velocity
* Hit the opposition, but be careful with your bikes health
* Burn your nitro often and mix it up with the turbo zones
* Upgrade all abilities of your motorcycle to the max!
* Use the bike brake in unexpected situations!

* Masterful audiovisuals
* Superb pace and gameplay
* Unique futuristic motorcycles
* Intuitive upgrade system
* Full retina display support
* Leaderboards & achievements

Please rate 32 Secs: Traffic Rider and leave us a comment, to help to improve your bike racing experience!

Don’t forget: In real life DO NOT race in traffic, don’t cross the speed limits! Please take care of each others and your bike too. 🙂


Created By isTom Games, creator of Nyan Cat: Lost in Space, Mad Bullets, Blocky Castle, Relic Looter: Mask of Tomb, and Swiper Cyber.




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Great game, lots of fun, but why is it that I bought a 2.99 pack and was just charged 7.50 for it???? Last time I spend any money on any pack of any sort


Game is amazing, other reviews probably explain how and why but I’m here to communicate to the devs the one and ONLY problem I have with this game. Just know I’m using an iPhone. When I go to play my music from Spotify, I noticed it stops when I open 32 Secs. I soon figure out that this app takes over a certain part of my control center. Specifically where the audio and/or media is controlled from. I tried going back to Spotify to play the music, and then back to 32 Secs, but no dice. I hope this explanation makes sense, and I’ll also keep playing this game. But it would make it better if I could listen to my own music while playing.


There needs to be a low power mode. My battery would heat up when I played this.


I crashed and in 1 hit i’m dead give us like 3 hearts or something!!! Also add more stufe!!! Im not re downloading this till you guys add more stufe!!!!😟😔☹️🙁😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😓


One of the best free games to get for 2020, I would like to have a VR version or driver view because it is so fun to play!


Are you guys able to do a better storyline on this game?


I don’t like the fact that I have to pay for other domains to race in. It would be better if we could earn the stages


Cold be better, overall a good game with cool graphics.


Seems like an ok game if there wasn’t an advertisement on literally every transition. U spend more time watching ads and closing out offers to buy stuff than u do playing the game.




The game is fun for about a minute. The more you can upgrade your bike the more you can increase the handling. This game will aggravate you a but at first but once you get to put upgrades in your bike you'll crash less if you upgrade the handling. Graphics are ok but could be better. Good game if you are sitting some where and need wanna kill a few minutes. Fun factor gets kinda stale after that.


The game looks cool and has a simple theme if you're just wanting a game to pass a bit of time. The swipe control is a bit unresponsive at times and if you hit revive to watch a video, it throws you back in while the app is still glitchy so you crash immediately. Other than that it's alright I suppose.


Is good


The game looks amazing, however the controls aren't that great. Plus a lot of the sounds are pulled from Tron and it gave it this lazy non-professional feel to it because they just recycled sound FX.


So if you think the annoying adds will go away just because you purchase in app the removal you are wrong. The game itself demand that you rate it and afterwards it still wants you to rate it. So I'm giving it one star because of that lie.


This game is fun but it asks you to rate it every other play.and then ads are way too ridiculously often. It's addictive in seeing how far you can get but I'm giving a lower rating because of so many ads and the annoying rate this game. I just dropped it to a one since I rated the game after wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many prompts to rate and I did and it still asks me to all the time. Tired of it. Maybee the creators should adjust this a little.


Looks great and had potential but swipe controls are terrible. If it was tap or tilt to switch lanes it'd be much more responsive


The only thing this game is missing is tilt controls which would make it more interactive.


I'll give credit where it's due: this game's graphics are pretty good. But the rest of the game is just... bland. There is no sense of speed whatsoever. The controls aren't very responsive. But most of all, it's not fun. It's slow, boring, and uninspired. Don't download this app. You won't get any enjoyment out of it.


Graphics, sound, and gameplay are all pretty decent. However, the bike and rider and design in general is obviously taken from Tron. Worse though are the controls. Sometimes they don't respond or a swipe left/right is mistaken for swipe up, thus activating nitro instead of changing lanes, which is usually disastrous. A buttons option would be nice.