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Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash under specific circumstances when accessing the camera over the Cloud (under Connect to Cloud > My cameras > Camera tab).


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The Official BlackVue Dash Cameras app.
The BlackVue app supports all the BlackVue dashcam models with Wi-Fi compatibility.

Access your dashcam in a direct connection over Wi-Fi. To do so, connect first to your BlackVue from your phone’s Wi-Fi Network menu.
Once connected, you can go to the BlackVue app’s BlackVue Wi-Fi menu to access all the videos stored on your dashcam’s microSD card, check Live View to adjust your camera’s angle if needed, and modify your BlackVue’s settings.
You can also apply a firmware update over-the-air (FOTA) after downloading the firmware to your phone. If you are already connected to your BlackVue, make sure to connect to an Internet-enabled Wi-Fi network to download the latest firmware from the app: the Firmware Download option is accessible from the sliding menu (swipe left to right in the Main Menu of the app).

Internal Memory:
Once you have downloaded videos from your dashcam to your phone, they will appear in this menu. From here, you can organize your files into folders and save videos to your phone’s photo/video album.

BlackVue Cloud:
BlackVue Cloud is a BlackVue-exclusive service (with subscription plans available) that lets you access your BlackVue from anywhere, anytime, from the BlackVue app (or the BlackVue Viewer).
Creating your BlackVue Cloud account is simple and free. After creating your account, the app lets you register your Cloud-compatible BlackVue (BLACKVUE CLOUD menu) and set it up to connect to a hotspot (BLACKVUE WI-FI menu):
The Free plan includes:
▶ Remote Live View.
▶ Real-time Location.
▶ Notification Alarms.
▶ Cloud FOTA (upgrade the dashcam’s firmware over the Cloud).

With the Smart plans, you can enjoy:
▶ Unlimited Remote Live View – Remotely monitor your car in real time.
▶ Unlimited Remote Video Playback – Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime from your phone or tablet.
▶ Manage up to 3 dashcams from a single account.
▶ For Fleet management features, visit
▶ Cloud compatibility:
– DR900S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR)
– DR750S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR650S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR650GW Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)

Check the charging status of your Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X or B-124) and change settings.

Supported dashcam models:
All Wi-Fi-compatible BlackVue models.
Available features depend on the BlackVue model you use.
For troubleshooting, visit our Help Center at or email Customer Support at

For more info and news about BlackVue, visit:

Terms of Use:




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As the title says just updated the app and the cam and now it just keep crashes…


Latest update destroyed any use for the barely functional app. Can’t even connect to my camera via Wi-Fi anymore.


App needs update takes so long to load now to see videos on camera


I’m not gonna type a book here but I must say, I never review anything especially apps but this app is so God awful it can’t be ignored. It never connects to my camera and if it does it disconnects after 30s to a minute. Had I know about how unfathomably terrible this app is, I wouldn’t have bought a BlackVue. I wouldn’t have even paid $20 for the camera based off of the terrible, inaccessible app.


I love the camera and it definitely came in handing when needed. The app has its cons but I was willing to deal with it as long as the core functionalities were working. Now the app isn’t connecting to the camera via wifi nor cloud. Possible this is some easy fix maybe I have to troubleshoot it. However, I had a situation that could’ve easily be answer with the camera. Now I gotta find time to try to fix it which I would’ve taken if I knew it wasn’t working.


App has issues after last 2 updates I am unable to use any LTE functions on my camera. From getting the error BlackVue is currently connected to another user and getting stuck on retrieving sim information then getting a network connection error. I have called BlackVue and they offer no solution. Revert the app to how it was before all the new issues.


After some recent updates the app is literally useless. It never connects to the camera via WiFi (tried deleting, and re-adding the camera, rebooting, reinstalling - nothing helps) and crashes if you try to connect to the camera via the cloud. Literally no use for camera WiFi features at all.


App isn’t THAT bad… don’t understand all these horrible reviews. i’m sure most of these issues are user-error related. UI is, for the most part, fine. constantly getting wi-fi (use without internet/keep trying wifi) prompts on my iphone, but my drone does the same thing when connected via wi-fi. think it’s just a phone software annoyance that comes with this sort of connection. your phone expects internet when connected via wi-fi, and when it doesn’t see actual internet, it thinks something is wrong, when in fact there isn’t. wish there were a few more options to customize clip length and whatnot, but for the most part this app works perfectly for what most people need.


Every time I attempt to connect to cloud app crashes. Have to reboot camera every time i get home and manually connect to cloud. 750x plus 3channel on latest firmware and app and updates.


This company will tell you they will NOT offer support if purchased from a reseller on Amazon. Thankfully Amazon allows returns and I will get back my $500+. Run away from these scammers.


ok my dashcam is an older model (discontinued) but it has given me a number of years great service, infact i was delighted with but i always had problems with the app, connecting to cloud, downloading video if needed and connecting my phone directly and monitoring whats going on in the back seats (Lyft driver), then it started being a pain shutting down and restarting every 10 mins calked customer support was told memory cardcwas busted, bought another 3rd party card (scandisk) 128g this card didnt help and i was then told that these cameras dontnlike scandisk cards and i should get a samsung one, i have and its working better but not perfect still restarts but now i have a new error msg “unable to change view” then a blue tab apoears u tap on that and it goes to the front camera and then shuts down. i cannot seem to get any help on this so i guess time to sling this one in the trash and buy another but it wont be a blackvue as i feel all you people want isvyo sell another dashcam i’ll probably go for the alpine dual camera setup hearing great reports on it


You have great camera hardware, yet the apps are really poorly written, even the icon graphics are not great. Please allocate a better budget towards app development and hire quality developers!


First of all when you advertise your product as “built in 4G LTE” the consumer takes that as a built in cloud system.. NOT an additional $130+ to buy a cloud system to hook up to your camera. Second, your micro SD cards are marked up like crazy… a 256 gb micro SD should not cost $183.. y’all purposefully ensure other SD cards fail in your dash cam so you can profit off your over priced items.. this would be fine if you had quality customer service and your product works as advertise but it doesn’t. Lastly, this is hands down the worst app I have ever used. It feels like NO effort is made to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Your company won’t last long if y’all don’t improve. Reviews will be going to everywhere as well.


Can’t connect my phone.All commies like the people who want to spy on people need to be tried for treason and punished to the fullest extent that the constitution allows for.


The app crashes every time I try to connect to the 750lw 2ch. The viewer on the Mac won’t even open videos. App is junk.


I tried many times to download a video by connecting to cam’s WiFi but keeps crashing no matter the download method I choose. UPDATE: After restarting both the phone and the camera, I was able to transfer videos. Hoping it won’t keep happening.


$12 a month is crazy to ask for what is included in this service. This is a $1-2 a month service. I am returning my cams I just bought due to the cost of their cloud service and the app is flaky. This is a shame as I loved my 650.


I would love a live view zoom capability for both front and rear facing cameras that would be great. I could hook up my trailer much easier.


I had been using the app (when it would work) but a new recent update deleted my camera and now it won’t pair back. Totally unusable. Camera is great but app is so bad you should look elsewhere for a better camera.


After upgrading to latest IOS 15.3.1 my cam will not connect to phone I have no issues with the iPad or another phone that have not been updated with latest IOS.