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Nimble Rx partners with independent, local, and specialty pharmacies to make reviewing, checking out and having prescriptions delivered to your door easier than ever. With Nimble Rx you can:

* Order Online – Checkout and review your prescriptions with simple online ordering
* Convenient and Flexible Delivery – We deliver prescriptions to your door when you need them with our trusted network of couriers across the country
* Save Time – Whether you prefer delivery or in-store / curbside pickup, we make getting your prescriptions quick and easy.
* Stay in the Know – We let you know when your prescriptions are ready, and when you can expect to get them.




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And it is complete Garbage


Can’t say anything else besides amazing / excellent service!


This app is horrible. I have waited for months for it to work properly and it just won’t. 1 out of maybe every 40 times that I open the app am I able to actually see my information and place an order. There have been days when I was finally able to see my prescriptions and able to place an order only to go back into the app 15 minutes later to have zero information present again. I’m constantly told that I have no past orders even though I’ve placed several through the app. The notifications are a joke and don’t work. I have no idea how this app is rated as highly as it is when it never works.


Seriously, so easy!! Wish I would used this sooner!!




Fast, affordable and a life saver!!


Fast and accurate service and delivery. It was a great convience to me, as I had eye surgery and was limited with driving, this service really blessed me. Thank you guys so much, God bless you all✝️😘


They are really helpful with prices and friendly and quick responding. I like them a lot


Have you even tried user testing this app? I can’t contact help via your Web site on my phone (it’s broken), so I download this app. I have an account, so you send me a link. The link takes me BACK TO THE WEB SITE. Complete circle of frustration. I have the app and an account but cannot get in. Just straight up terrible experience and fail of the most basic feature of logging in. On top of this, I paid for the $4.00 “service” to have my medicine delivered for “free”. Another fail, and one that is insulting to consumers. Don’t call it free and move the charge to some other name! Fail 3: as mentioned, I paid the fee for delivery the next day and it never came! And I have no way of finding what is happening. One last fail for you… I was sent texts every day to order from you. But once I paid I got zero texts or email with tracking info or updates. Another example of how your whole system is built around your needs, not your customers. When you go out of business, and you will, that will be the core reason why. Other customers, do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague.


I ordered the drugs but did not received it. Your support not working let me know how I can get my money back


I love staying at home. And not havhavining to get out this is wonderful


App Just Keeps Crashing and won’t even open for a second. Even the website is not working. Ugh...


Not sure what is wrong on your end, but I have tried everything I know. I cannot get this app to open on my phone. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it...that did not work. I restarted my phone...that did not work. Please fix!!!


This app has never worked. I get a notification that my subscription is ready to refill. I click the link and it opens the app. It says I have no prescription. So I call the pharmacy and refill the prescription. I get a text message that says your prescription is ready to be paid for. I click the link. No prescription. I call the pharmacy and pay over the phone. Worst app I’ve ever used. Don’t bother. Just call the pharmacy.


I downloaded the app as a recommendation from my pharmacy. It will not hold my payment information--keeps telling me to add one even though I put it in three times. Rather than saving time, it's waiting it.


Title says it all. I’m needing to use it to get a receipt for my FSA account, but the app crashes instantly when opened. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it 5 times, and restarted my iPhone in between as well. USELESS!!!


This app has clearly not been tested with real users because every aspect of it is thoroughly buggy. Basic things like sign up, login, ordering, status check, are poorly designed, unpredictable. and completely broken. My order was showing as having been attempted but my doorbell camera registered no attempts, and if I click on tracking information the delivery partner Uber Eats shows it as canceled. To add insult to injury, calling Nimble’s 800 number you get a message that their “amazing customer service” is available by chat in the app - unless you are an *iPhone or Android* user, in which case call your pharmacy!!??!!


My dermatologist is using this method of getting his prescriptions out. All I have found are problems. It says my prescriptions are $0 despite being told by the office they are $80 and the app is stuck in an endless loop asking for payment information. I enter my card and hit verify and it says enter card information endlessly


The app literally never works. As soon as I click on it the app crashes. Completely useless. Don’t waste your time.


I don’t see any way to reach a representative. I cannot get my prescription loaded to their app and I keep having to call the pharmacy directly. Utterly useless app that’s impossible to set up.