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Bug fixes and stability improvements: • Improvements to URL handling • Fix for “Feature.NetworkingError” from Wantlist messages • Address validation UX improvement • Fix for an error related to deleting messages rapidly


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The official Discogs App is the best way to catalog your music collection, find that hidden gem, check pricing and buy music from the world’s largest discography of physical music.

Explore a Rich Universe of Music
• Search millions of artists and albums.
• Find an album by its barcode.
• Stay informed about the latest events, artists, albums and genres you love.
• View trending albums, most collected and most wanted by Discogs users.

Catalog your Collection
• Keep track of the albums you own.
• Share with your friends.
• Let your Collection make listening suggestions for you.

Buy the Music you Love from Anywhere
• Shop for vinyl records, CDs, cassettes and more.
• Compare prices.
• Browse the inventory of thousands of sellers worldwide.

Track your Wantlist
• Keep tabs on the albums you’re looking for.
• Receive notifications about new listings.
• Reference your Wantlist while record shopping.

Hey it’s your Discogs!
• Edit your profile.
• Quickly check your Collection value.
• See albums you have recently added to your Wantlist and Collection.
• Manage your Discogs orders.

Discover Record Shops
•Find record stores near you.
•Research record shops worldwide.

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There’s not one single reason you need my PRECISE GEOLOCATION to deliver details of LP records. Unreal how pathetic this company is. Delete.


I love this app and this website, it’s perfect for all vinyl lovers and collectors. However, i wish everything you can do on the website, you can do on the app. I cant contribute to other vinyl statuses, and i cant control, see, or add to my lists. If they would update the features in the app, i would love it even more!


The site is difficult to use. Trouble trying to view my purchases


I have always been a huge enjoyer of music especially in analog format. My mom lent me my first ever cassette and from there on out, I felt in love with the quality and depth of analog formats. My dad also moonlights as a sound engineer so I learned a lot about qualities of analog versus digital. I myself am a musician and take influences from musicians across genres. That said, over the years, I have accrued a collection that is a little too large to not catalog. My mother and I have a joint collection of cassettes and LPs. But I have a collection of my own stuff that she wouldn’t enjoy. After a while, I knew it was time I organize myself so I could easily recall information about my albums and which I had so that I don’t double collect if I don’t want to. Along the way, I started learning a lot about pressings and nomenclature regarding albums, particularly LPs. I’m now very into collecting older issues (if not first issues) and learning more about the qualities of a particular pressing of a record. Additionally, I take huge advantage of the ‘notes’ section of Discogs. I usually quickly jot down information about my specific pressings such as, “DSOTM 1975 Reissue w/ original posters” or “First US pressing Sgt. Pepper’s w/ original insert” or even just “2016 Remaster” on something I don’t much care for in terms of collectibility. Some other good features include a rough low, mid, and high estimate of your collection as well as a large (surpassing eBay), trustworthy market to buy specific pressings of records, cassettes, CDs or whatever you want. Discogs puts the fun back into record collecting and gives you the tools to learn more about your records so that you can show off to your friends! Lol if nothing else, use Discogs to buy records directly from the seller rather than a lame remaster from Target which lacks the depth and quality you should be purchasing vinyl for anyway. Great app!


Thank God for your services that enhanced my album collection.


App is not good because you may not ever get what you purchased. Great app for con-artist and dishonest people. I was warned not to use this app but I did not listen. Got ripped off big time never received the album(s) I purchased .


My favorite app- except it doesn’t work more than half the time. Usually can never add things to my cart, just says error


Really helps catalog my collection, share my wantlist with others, and shop at my local stores on my want list.


It so awesome to find vinyl records that I’ve been wanting for years‼️Thank you Discogs crew‼️


Others have pretty well documented some of the shortcomings of the app, but overall, it’s pretty good. Let’s me find the music I want, find local record stores, track my collection, buy stuff I want. For me, I really would like it to be easier to add to my collection items that I don’t buy through Discogs. It’s really too convoluted. It’d also be nice to find friends without usernames/emails.


I try to tap on a disc version to attempt to verify if it’s the correct one I have in my collection, I get an error saying that the page in question isn’t in the correct format… whatever that means. Sometimes it will work if I try a second time… sometimes it will work on the 30th attempt. Not sure why it all of a sudden got into the correct format, it took a bunch of wasted time, but at least I can look at the page now. I’ve verified the I’d information and it’s time to add the disc to my library. I get the same error again. I’ll keep trying again and again and again and (you get the idea)… finally, it adds the disc to my library. The app ran nicely when I first started using it; after one of the more recent updates, it didn’t work at all. Now it works about 1/3 of the time, but without any rhyme or reason. Here’s hoping that they can restore full functionality soon.


This app is terrible. I keep getting error messages for everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I haven’t been able to do literally anything on this app without getting an error message. I can’t update my profile, can’t add albums to my collection, cant rate and review albums. Nothing. This app is useless. Just a waste of space on my phone.


i was told by many people to use this app. it’s useless. i created a login and it just stays on the login page saying connect your account. so after i connected 3 accounts now what? i’m still on sign in page where it says “log out”. is there anything more to this app? like a main page or somethings. It doesn’t show anything I don’t get what do you supposed to do on here


I really want to like this app but it just doesn’t meet expectations. It constantly has errors when searching for albums. I also had the hardest time figuring out how to add friends. Once I had friends added, I can’t view their profile. This app is not very user friendly either because it is difficult to navigate. I love all of the features it’s supposed to do, but it does none of them well.


Love it


Please fix the bugs. The app is constantly crashing, search function fails time after time, and it is near impossible to add anything to lists. I haven’t even been able catalog my collection because of this.


Unless you live in a populated city with Record store options, finding the vinyl you heart desires can be difficult. Having the Discogs app, and learning how to effectively use it will bring the world of vinyl within your finger tips! It’s a must have!


much better release view, organization, and browsing experience. keep it up!


An absolute landmark app for collectors.


Love this app but two flaws 1. I accidentally added a entire vinyl’s discography to my wantlist instead of just one version (i dont know why that’s even an option) and then had to go through all of the different pressings and delete them, except after a few times I just get an oh no something went wrong message and have to completely restart my app, imagine doing this 7-8 times just to clear up your wantlist 2. In order to find the price on my vinyls in my collection I have to individually go through each and every single one, i dont know if it does work on apple, I know it’s displayed under all your vinyls on Samsung and others, but apple doesn’t, just an idea