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- bugfixes & improvements - libraries and dependencies update Big thanks to you for keeping our app up-to-date! Our team is constantly working hard and strives to propose you new functions which make our app faster and more efficient. You can help us with that! How? Simply rate and review the app as well as send us your ideas to Your opinion keeps the heart of the influencer industry beating every day :) Hope to hear from you soon!


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Do you have over 5000 Instagram followers and 40 posts and want to create sponsored content for some of the world’s largest brands? Do you want to share your beautiful profiles with the world and earn money while doing so? Download our app and see how it works!

About us

indaHash is the largest global influencer marketing platform that enables social media influencers to collaborate with the biggest and most popular brands from all over the world like McDonald’s, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Nike, Volkswagen and many more.

Why is indaHash the best influencer app?

– We have over 1.000.000 INFLUENCERS registered with indaHash.
– More than 500 individual BRANDS have worked with us.
– And we operate in more than 80 MARKETS!

What requirements must I meet to participate in campaigns?

1) Minimum 5000 followers
2) Minimum 40 posts
3) Authentic and engaged audience
4) High-quality content

If you meet the above requirements, you can now join indaHash. How to do it?
It’s really easy!

1) Download the app
2) Register your account
3) Join our campaigns and make money while doing what you love

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or use our chat on Reach out for some tips on how to increase your number of followers if you are still not there or how to improve your account to increase your chances on landing a campaign! Some answers can be found in our help center Check it out!

You can help us become even better! How?
It’s easy. Simply send us your feedback. Your opinion keeps the heart of the influencer industry beating every day.




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As soon as I tried to sign up they asked for my phone # to get a code and got a scam txt saying “Amazon” took out $ from my card and to call a certain number.


No install


They only care about making money from their sponsors and who they work with. They don't care about the app user or the influencers. Bad customer service and just overall had a crappy experience.


I have over 1500 followers when you only need 300, have 70 posts when you need 50 and 175 engagement when you only need 50. So what’s wrong with this app?


If you aren’t 110 pounds and half naked, or posting pictures of your food, it doesn’t matter that you have 20K followers and a 8% engagement rate. They ban you, call you a “fake” account, and then give you lies when you ask them why.


Says I don’t have enough followers but I have 4x as much and it shows it. Lame


Cannot find any campaigns.


This app is false. I have an account with over 10k followers and my original content of photography and it’s saying I’m us my someone else stuff. BS!!


I have almost 1500 followers @nailsbydalenny On instagram and more than 70 post and you guys are saying not enough with a count of way less than that? Please verify your information.


So I just downloaded this app, and I can’t get passed the first step and that is that #check number on a recent post on IG and once I try to connect to it, the app keeps telling me it’s not detecting! I put it under 2 photos for a caption on my IG. what is going on. Why can’t I get passed it?


Alright so I have never been on to leave reviews but I had to for this one! I had read all the negative reviews but still wanted to give the app the benefit of the doubt! I thought they may have fixed things after all the horrible reviews..... but no. Everyone is right, waste of time. I got approved but then it say EVERY campaign is over!!! I don’t get it??? Am I missing something? The app is a great concept so it is very disappointing it does not offer what it says it’s supposed to. If I’m missing something, someone help.


This app never really as anything that allows those with less than 1000 followers to grow. In followers or even cash. It’s pretty sad. Nothing simple to help get people to another level of earning. Don’t bother.


I genuinely love this application, BUT since the new privacy update I have been unable to click and agree to the new terms and policy to be able to even open the APP! So frustrating! I tried finding the contact info for the app and even that was impossible to find :(


Do not done load this app I have 1 year waiting for they analice my account and still waiting and waiting... I have 12k followers and the still saying that I’m at 90% of review account and the app said that always the refresh the app by week and this is a lie. They still waiting that I have 11k followers...


The review of your activity and profile is not quite OK; just simply don’t waste your time downloading it or trying to use it.


Downloaded this app a month ago, was reviewed and “approved” but for every ad that shows up it says “campaign not available - acct still being reviewed”??? Whoever is supposedly running this is doing a horrible job. I should have listened to the other reviewers... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GARBAGE COMPANY. Good idea but VERY poor execution. I can’t wait until IndaHash is rendered obsolete by the competition.


When I first signed into the app, it shutdown.... I tried restarting the app, it shutdown again. It seems like they really don’t want people using this app! Oh well there’s better ones out there!!


Miss Kasia from help department is not helpful at all. I’m polish living in USA, so after joining that program I set up Poland as my location. I was looking for offers, but products that they are promoting are not really available in USA- at least in my state. So I reached out miss Kasia with questions if I can change location to USA, she was giving me really hard time about it surprisingly. She asked me about to record how many people in % follow me from USA. Number of Americans was the highest in that rank. I was even more surprised that she still rejected my request. How can I promote products that I can’t get in my country ? Miss Kasia wasn’t helpful, and the products they promoting at least in polish market are not interesting. I’m not gonna post photos with condoms or tampons on my social media accounts. This app is waste of your time and money you can earn is almost nothing. Don’t bother yourself.


Waste of time and space. No campaigns ever.


Had downloaded this app over 4 months ago and still have no new campaigns on my feed. Very disappointed with this app.