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Featured in “New Apps We Love” by Apple and well known from Huffington Post, Manchester Evening News and PETA. Discover the best plant-based venues in your area with vanilla bean! Stay fit and healthy wherever you are!

Find unique health- and sustainability-related information about every venue. Is it vegan? Is it local, fair-trade and organic, or raw, lactose- and gluten-free? vanilla bean offers the widest selection of UK, Irish, US, and German locations for anyone who eats consciously but does not want to miss out on anything.

Whether you are in the United Kingdom or Ireland, in London or Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Dublin or Belfast—vanilla bean knows which places will make you happy: Anything from gourmet venues to snack bars, from Chinese raw food temples in secret side alleys to this amazing Italian place where handmade gluten-free Bruschetta is soaked in olive oil.

If you are travelling in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland or France—vanilla bean has you covered, too. The guide includes cities like New York, L.A., Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna or Zurich.

With self-explanatory indicators for each restaurant, you can immediately spot what each location has to offer. The chosen photos and detailed descriptions, including reviews from the community, will help you decide which restaurant to visit.

Information such as addresses, opening times, and telephone numbers are constantly reviewed.


• Have you spotted a vegan-friendly restaurant that is not yet in the app? You can suggest a new venue in less than 20 seconds. Thanks to automatic suggestions of places around you, sometimes you even don’t have to type a word.
• Filter according to your criteria and to price categories. For example, let vanilla bean show you only completely vegan venues with gluten-free options using organic ingredients.
• Through the map, you can easily find all the green location highlights in your city. You can tell at first glance which places offer completely vegan options, where one can find vegetarian options and where meat dishes are served.
• Your opinion, your personal experience counts: add your personal review and photos of the venue or the menu. If you like, you can share your newly discovered places with others on Facebook.
• Search for postcodes, places, and specific locations, or discover restaurants with mouthwatering treats near you.
• You can find a wide range of information about all the entries. Photos, in-depth descriptions, restaurant indicators, directions and comfortable calls directly from the app. In addition, you can find links to the restaurant website and Facebook page.
• All the information is regularly reviewed. Should you still find any obscurities, then please feel free to send us feedback directly via a restaurant’s app entry. We will make the adjustment as soon as possible.

vanilla bean is an app for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians. Whatever your motivation—health, climate change, compassion for animals—switching to plant-based meals is a healthier, more sustainable way of living. And with vanilla bean, it’s also easy and delish.


Would you like to support the release of vanilla bean in other countries or add more restaurants? If so, send us a message at A service like vanilla bean would not be possible without the great work of our voluntary helpers.

We are constantly developing vanilla bean further. That is why we look forward to hearing from you. Nobody is perfect. However, we are working hard so that we can offer you the best possible service. You can get in touch with us directly at We try our best to respond to every message as expeditiously as possible. We hope you enjoy your plant-based meal and have a great experience with vanilla bean!




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A feature needs to be added to add particular restaurants to your favorites list so you don’t have to search every time


This is a very concise and convenient way to not only eat vegan food, but to help save the planet! Thank you Vanilla Bean team!


very accurate ‘distance from you’, gives a short description of what the restaurant is about but sums it up better for ppl searching specifically vegan/vegetarian/gf etc. super easy to navigate the app


I travel for work so having this app has been so helpful for me to find vegan options while out of town! It’s also been great finding local vegan places as well! I honestly love this app!


I tried multiple other apps. I live in the country where there aren’t many inclusive restaurants. Other apps always told me “nothing found” but this app gave me so many options!


I have now 2 APPS on my phone to help with finding Vegan food! I have enjoyed “HAPPY COW” and Just heard about VANILLA BEAN through (adorable) Rip Essylsten’s article in Forks Over Knives


The info here is very out of date showing the only vegan restaurant in my town that I know of which closed months ago.


This app is great. They show lots of restaurants and it breaks down what kind of vegan options are available


I couldn’t believe how easy & accurate it was to use. No more being “Hangry “ while trying to figure out where to go !


This app so great and super accurate! I don’t know where I would be without it


I don’t understand how to use it.


We didn’t try any food but looked great, hope to be back.


I live in Taiwan, and there is no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. But there is all of one listing in this app, and it’s 85 miles away from where I live. No thanks!


It’s always great while traveling to be able find restaurants with vegan options


I show everyone this app. It’s the best!


I really like this app a lot! It’s really helpful and yeah it’s kinda the same as that other app but it’s free and I feel like it’s easier to use.🤷🏼‍♀️ I only wish more people were on it!! That would help inform my decision making. So I’m trying to get the word out. Download it, try it out, it’s very useful. Thank you Vanilla Bean!


This app seems to be a rip off of HappyCow, but it has no user reviews, photos or any of the vibrancy from happy cow. I’ll stick with Happy Cow to keep the vegan community strong, keep all the restaurant and food information fresh and consolidated in the place where they exist now. The price of the Happy Cow app is tiny compared to the value it provides and it’s less than what I tip a great waiter at a restaurant anyway. I wish I could give more to happy cow for all the great meals it’s provided me and my family. I wish vanilla bean would focus on the unmet needs of the community instead.... there are so many! It must be so hard to come to work everyday to work on someone else’s idea, and to live in the shadow of another app that works well and has served the vegan community since for 20 years. In my experience it’s much more fun and gratifying to work on original ideas and to be innovative, creative and ground-breaking. Investors almost never make money from investing in copy cats, and creators almost never get satisfaction from replication. As someone who’s been In the restaurant business I am amazed at how many people use happycow across the world and how many millions of Happy Cow stickers are on the windows of local businesses across the world. I can never see that vibrant network being recreated by Vanilla Bean unfortunately... there’s no community in the app either.


This app looked nice at first but it’s missing fully vegan restaurants in my neighborhood and lists many meat places which are disgusting and have no vegan options. Wonder where this info even comes from?


It would be cool if the maps didn't default to "directions" with no option to see the location itself. I don't want to immediately know directions, I want to zoom in to see exactly where the place is located. In Google maps, I can't just look at the location without retyping in coordinates. I'm on an SE running iOS 11.4.1. It's also kinda clunky when searching for location rather than just "nearby". Maybe expand input parameters to include other variants? :) Everything else is great!


I like this app but hopefully more people use it and add to it.